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The book is making its way through the skies to you amazing Kipper friends around the world. I have seen my book all over, including Nyack, Gran Canyon, Ireland and with every Christmas item possible. Every photo makes me smile, every comment makes me feel like the luckiest girl this Christmas!

Maisie & The Card Geek's Guide to Kipper

One photo in particular has made it to the top of my list and that is because I love my Maisie Moo! Maisie is my only Niece and to say she is a little like her Aunty Toni is an understatement, this photo with my book with the tree behind in my parents' living room holds all the magic of Christmas for me and I hope for you too!

So what is my news?

(apart from the plethora of book photos that I will never tire of!).


Thats right! The Card Geek's Kipper App is now available on the iTunes App Store!!

The Card Geek's Kipper App

I use apps daily (perhaps a trillion times a day) to test my Lenormand cards and their application, now I put my Kipper Deck to the test daily too! Every question you can ask while on the run and the cards will give you the same answer to your question as if your deck was in your hands!

So whats on there!?


Daily Card

3 Card MC Spread - Male / Female Significator

3 Card Spread - no Significator

MC Spread - 9 Cards with Male / Female Significator

Box Spread - 9 Cards with no Significator

The Card Geek Kipper App

The Card Geek 3 Card Kipper App

I love these spreads as my basic go to spreads whilst on the move, the daily card will allow you to set intention and read just 1 card - it is a great way to learn your meanings and even test your own application of them. 3 Card spreads with or without an MC are perfect for dailies and to ask straight to the point questions, are you looking for an object? Then use the 3 card random spread and the meanings in my book!

Simple :)

MC Spreads are naturally a great spread to dig down into a person's being and character and a random box can be used for absolutely every situation imaginable (see my video below for an insight on how to use this!).

The Card Geek MC Spread Kipper
The Card Geek MC Spread Kipper App

My favourite parts of the app are the "Share" and "Journal" function, I am far from being a journal peep, I hate writing notes (I will always find something better to do) but I am a techno peep and my card apps are full of journals where I have typed a quick reminder of my answer to check back later - the share function I use to share to facebook groups, either to share with friends or in a personal group where I can glance back later in the year!

The app doesn't cost an arm and a leg - I left the pricing low to be available to all - no extra in-app purchases like some others and easy navigation will make it usable by even the most techno-angst heads - its friendly and my The Card Geek No. 0 card is there to welcome you.

That all been said and done - here are a few of the photos I have seen lurking on the web and a video on how to use the random Box Spread with your app!

Not got your copy of the book yet? Never fear - AMAZON is here!

The Card Geek's Guide to Kipper Cards on Amazon

And if the deck is needed, buy it here: