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Kipper / Lenormand Mix

This is a first - mixing Kenormand and Lipper may sound easy peasy lemon squeezy but it can turn pear shape when the systems aren’t respected! Don’t simply merge the two into one entity, read them using tried and tested mixing techniques!

We don’t want Kenormandlipper - or even Lipkermand or any similarly mashed entity, no, we want to see the systems blend and compliment one another to the max .... so join us for the first course worldwide to teach you the simplest ways these two systems can compliment one another, whilst retaining their own system’s intricacies. Blend rather than mash!

Join our Facebook classroom for the only workshop to combine the two decks.

Course Facts

Teacher.   Toni Puhle 

Time.         Mo-Fri next week (on your time zone)

Price.         €85 / person 

Registration:     Register Here!

The last course this year and only available to Lenormand 201 and Kipper 201 students 

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