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Endorsed Reader Spotlight II

We are lucky to have not one but two reader spotlights today! Jesse jumped in at the WLA and was one of our first Endorsed Readers, he has continually mentored students through their own Bronze Level Endorsement and even provides his mentorees with a GT at the end of their journey as a "well done" - Thank you Jesse for your continued attention and hard work!

Name: Jesse Sykes

Endorsed Reader Level Lenormand: Silver

WLA Courses completed Lenormand 101, 201, and 301.

Favourite Deck:

My favorite deck is the Dondorf deck also sometimes called the Lo Scarabeo deck. It is clear and concise and I can identify the cards at a glance. This was my first deck.

Favourite Cartomancy Spread

Without a doubt, the Grand Tableau. It uses all of the cards and makes me think of so many things I need to work on.

How did you come to Lenormand?

I have been studying Tarot for 25 years. I have a true passion for it that is deeply ingrained in me. I noticed a lot of discussion about Lenormand on the web and Mary K. Greer (my favorite Tarot author) had posted a lot about it. I thought, “I’m not really interested in this, but I should know something about it since it is so hot right now.” So I ordered Rana George's book and a deck and dove in. I was immediately hooked. The system is so simple yet so deep at the same time. Every card touched me and made me think about all areas of my life. I was ravenous for anything I could find in English (I am unfortunately monolingual). I read everything I could find and longed for more. I purchased many, many decks and I have learned from all of them, but as I said above, the Dondorf is my favorite and I seldom read with anything else. Sometimes if I get a certain feeling I will show my querent a few decks and let them pick. The beauty of Lenormand is that you can read with anything.

How did you find the WLA?

I found out about the WLA in a reTweet (unfortunately I have forgotten who did it).

Tell us a little about the Endorsed Reader Program from your perspective.

I love the Endorsed Reader Program because it gives readers a solid grounding in the traditional approach to Lenormand, which is where everyone should start.

What advice would you give to somebody wishing to learn Lenormand?

Take 101 and 201 and read for yourself or someone else as often as you can.

If you could add anything to our WLA Community what would it be?

I am already a mentor and I love that role. I have worked with three students and hope to do more in the future.

What makes a good reader?

A good reader cares about the querent more than themselves and the cards.

Who do you look up to in the Cartomancy Community?

I look up to Toni Puhle because she does so much for the Lenormand community and is so knowledgeable about all facets of cartomancy.

You can find my blog at:

It is a collection of musings about Lenormand. I have posts about the playing card insets, how to be a querent, and empathy among other things. I have recently posted an interview with the prolific Lynn Boyle who is the administrator of Prophecy Toolbox which posts regular exercises in several forms of divination. She is also the creator of many fabulous decks in many different systems. Soon I hope to post an interview with the brilliant Toni Puhle.

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