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Endorsed Reader Spotlight

Margaret Johnson

We are so proud of our Endorsed Readers here at the WLA and today we spotlight Margaret Johnson to dig into what brought her to the WLA and her thoughts on Lenormand and what it can do for you!

Name: Margaret Johnson

Business Hortus Vitae Coaching LLC



Lenormand - Endorsed Reader Bronze Level

Kipper - Endorsed Reader Bronze Level + working on Silver Level at time of writing

WLA/WKA/WGA courses completed (or taking):

Lenormand 101 & eager for ‘live’ 201 and 301 classes!

Kipper 101, 201, 301

Gypsy 101

Favourite Deck:

Lenormand – Tied between the Fairy Tale Lenormand & the Siren Song Lenormand

Kipper – Until another deck is created that honours the directional cues, for me there’s only one deck – the Original.

Favourite Cartomancy Spread:

Kipper, is, hands down, my favourite cartomancy system. Currently, my favourite ‘in depth’ spread is the ‘Stop Cards to the Max’ spread I learned in Kipper 301. I find, assuming one asks a clear question, that this spread provides a great deal of insight and the answer is easier for the sitter to digest than a Grosse Tafel (GT) as it is more targeted. For a quick reading, such as a daily, I default to the ‘Three Card Line of Sight’ spread.

Tell us a little about yourself

In a nutshell: I’m a smart-ass nerd. If there is any way to work a Dune quote or mythology reference into even the most mundane conversation, I’ll find it. I’m ‘sweary.’ I’m disciplined yet scattered, muggle yet magical, grounded yet lost in the clouds; the list of paradoxes is probably endless.

Most importantly, I don’t believe being a responsible adult and having a childlike sense of curiosity, wonder, and joy are mutually exclusive. I maintain that without those childlike bits I probably would not have weathered past challenges. You can have a lucrative career, solid stock portfolio, and read cards in your blanket fort. Bonus points if you facilitate business calls with upper management in said blanket fort. Do make sure your webcam is disabled first though. ;)

How did you come to Lenormand?

While I have read Tarot for decades, it wasn’t until 2015, when a friend sent me a video of a Lenormand reading that Lenormand was on my radar. This same friend, a horrible enabler who I hold personally responsible for exponentially increasing the number of decks I own, also exposed me to Kipper. - You know who you are. I hope you’re happy with yourself…..and that you’re planning on helping me pack all those decks! -

How did you find the WLA?

I am a member of an online cartomancy group. When the WLA posted the schedule of upcoming classes in that group, I enrolled in Kipper 101 and I was hooked.

Why is Kipper your favourite cartomancy system?

Kipper, more so than Lenormand or Tarot, with its emphasis on directional cues in addition to standard card meanings, offers multi-layered and conditional meanings and this appeals to me.

Tell us a little about the Endorsed Reader Program from your perspective.

From my perspective, the Endorsed Reader Program provides a disciplined yet supportive environment to ensure that the reader is applying proper card reading techniques in an ethical manner. The reader seeking endorsement is supported by one’s assigned mentor and any necessary redirection is gently provided by this mentor and by WLA/WKA/WGA founders. The standards are high, ensuring future clients will receive a quality reading. The rigor of the program and guidance provided throughout help build and solidify the reader’s confidence in his or her card reading abilities.

What advice would you give to somebody wishing to learn Lenormand?

I’m a self-directed learner. Based on my experience of attempting to learn Lenormand and finding myself lost in conflicting definitions and methods, I recommend that you stop trying to learn from various sources and enroll in WLA’s ‘live’ (Facebook) classes. The methods taught are clear and consistent, and you’ll be able to ask relevant questions as they arise.

If you could add anything to our WLA Community what would it be?

It’s a great community. I’ve learned a lot, met some great people, and formed close friendships through the WLA. I’m of the mind that if it isn’t broke, you shouldn’t tinker with it. That said, I’m always looking for more classes. J Having taken both the ‘live’ and the ‘at home’ course options, I personally find the interaction of the ‘live’ courses vital. Knowing that offering live courses is not always feasible, courses with a ‘live/at home’ hybrid approach would be a nice addition. In this approach, Endorsed Readers would volunteer time, as available (yes, I volunteer), and act as stand-in classmates in the ‘at home’ groups so the interaction of the ‘live’ classes is replicated.

What do you like about the WLA?

Have I mentioned that I love the classes? ;) I love that WLA/WKA/WGA standards are clear and documented. I love the FB groups. The weekly buddy reads, group exercises, and the friendly, no drama, no phishing for free readings atmosphere all make these groups my go-to groups.

What makes a good reader?

In my opinion, a good reader has a working understanding of the cartomancy system used (card meanings and proper reading technique) and can easily apply this to the reading. A good reader knows that in order to receive a clear answer, a clear question must be asked. As such, a good reader will carefully listen to the client’s question and ensure that is the question he or she is really asking. The reader will work with the client to construct the question so that it is posed in a clear and direct manner. A great reader is able to remove any personal judgments, preconceived notions, or desired outcomes from his or her interpretation of the cards while still allowing any intuitive hits to come through. Stated another way, I believe that a great reading is dependent upon the reader’s ability to detach from ego and simply read the cards, technically and intuitively, within the context of the question.

What’s your ‘story?’

I’ve never believed that one aspect of a person’s life should, or can, represent the totality of his or her being. I work in IT middle management but I’ll never be ‘a business type.’ I enjoy going to small venue concerts and ‘arting’ but I’ll never be ‘into the scene.’ Those things are just (some) parts of the whole.

Over the years I have managed, mentored, and trained individuals and teams. I’ve also navigated an abundance of ‘life challenges.’ To name a few: I worked my way up the corporate ladder, paying my dues, and using only (gasp!) my brain. I homeschooled my daughter when it became clear that traditional schools were not able to support her in a way that resulted in encouraging a curious and flexible intellect while also ensuring the mastery of key concepts. Sick of being sick, I analysed years of health data and was able to diagnose my ‘mystery health condition,’ and request an appropriate treatment plan which was supported by my health care provider (yay for collaborative care!). While things like this, owing to my ‘Spartan’ childhood, seem quite unremarkable to me, people often approached me requesting career, health, spiritual, or emotional coaching. They found my guidance helpful and they encouraged me to write and to market and sell my services.

As I am quick to jump into the limelight, after about a decade of receiving this type of feedback, I added to my portfolio of certifications, and founded my life coaching business through which I offer Reiki, astrological consultation, and coaching of various types. Thanks to the tutelage and encouragement of the WLA/WKA/WGA, as well as the rigor of the Endorsed Reader Program, I’m pleased to be able to also offer clients cartomancy services, either as part of a coaching package or as a stand-alone service, with confidence in my approach and technique.

You can read more about me, my background, and my services, as well as find my social media links at If you see me out and about, let me know you’re a reader. When off the dance floor, I’m always holding. ;)

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