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Course Schedule

Summer is here in Germany (she says whilst watching the rain from the window) and it is time to release the schedule for our September - December Live Courses!


Keeping this short and simple for your diaries - details below the dates:


Lenormand 101 - September 11th to 22nd

Lenormand 201 - October 16th to 27th

Lenormand 301 - November 20th to 24th


Lenormand Playing Card - October 2nd to 6th

Lenormand Reading Mountains - October 23rd to 27th



Kipper 101 - September 18th to 29th

Kipper 201 - October 9th to 20th

Kipper 301 - November 6th to 17th


Combine Kipper + Lenormand November 27th to 1st December




Gypsy Cards 101

Gypsy Cards 201 GT To be confirmed


MORE INFO ON OUR WEBSITE (or see below for course descriptions):






Lenormand 101

We start with the basics and move on to eloquently interpreting the cards! Readers of all levels welcome from Beginner to Advanced (seeking a route to endorsement). You will be surprised how fluent you are in the Lenormand language with spreads up to 9 cards under your belt.

Lenormand 201

Our GT Course. Jump straight into the Grand Tableau with all 36 cards, do not let this spread overwhelm you, step by step techniques to mastering the GT.

Lenormand 301

Game of Hope is the roots of the Lenormand, learn how this Game can affect your reading style, extract more information than you would think possible using these simple techniques. For Advanced Readers only.


Lenormand Playing Card - October 2nd to 6th

Ever wondered how we can use the Playing Card inserts to add an additional layer to our readings? Find out how to "colour" your reads with these extra reading techniques.

Lenormand Reading Mountains - October 23rd to 27th

Do you have some obstacles that you don't seem to overcome? This is a small class with personal goals, submit your reading blockages by the 30th September and have them covered in this small and personal class.



Kipper 101

Your first step to reading the Kipper Cards like a true Bavarian Reader! The Kipper cards originate in Munich and we are pleased to share original reading techniques used by families dating back to the 19th Century. Don't read your Kipper like Lenormand - give them the respect they deserve and learn their system!

Kipper 201

Learn the Kipper GT and know how to use the original system to the maximum! Only for students who have successfully completed Kipper 101.

Kipper 301

Want to know what the Stop Cards are all about? This is the course to learn the most important of Kipper Lessons - only for Students who have successfully completed Kipper 101 and 201.


Combine Kipper + Lenormand

You will hear me preaching that these two systems are very different, on this course we will see how we can improve our reads by combining the two systems! This is only for Students who have completed Kipper 101, 201 and 301 and have Lenormand 101 and 201 under their belts - ADVANCED!


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