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Why Learn Multiple Divination Tools?

The Fortune Tellers Society

I own and run Spellbound of Nyack, a small little shoppe (almost tiny) tucked away in an equally tiny indoor shopping center. Most of what I tend to carry are candles and incense but you will find a growing selection of Divination tools and it is those, to my great delight, that cause the most conversations. One conversation seems to win out over all others (except that is “which is your favorite deck” which I don’t answer) and that is the question of “why would I want to learn different divination methods or tools?

That is a great question!

You can read cards of Tarot, Kipper, Lenormand or Oracle Cards. You can cast Charms or the Runes. Shells and the Bones can be cast as well. Astrology ( I don’t speak that language very well, lol) is yet another form of divination and the list goes on and on. What different systems you learn isn’t really the point, learning them is and here is why, well actually the multiple here are whys are;

  • Validation, one system versus another giving the same answers or causing you to – see next bullet point

  • Further or more in-depth investigation on a topic

  • You may find certain tools fit you better for certain topics (this varies by person)

  • Having multiple systems gives you a “fallback” for when you seem to be having a rough time with one – could point to the bullet point just above

  • Often you find that studying one system leads to insights into another system you already have experience with – this happens more often then you may think

  • You can become “stale” reading with just one tool, mixing it up keeps you on your toes and ……

This list could go on easily for quite awhile and you can tell how I feel about this subject, its a good idea to read multiple systems/tools.

Now I am not saying you should go out and learn EVERY divination system out there because that leads to, excuse me here, half assed readings. Why? Unless you are retired and have a plethora of time on your hands (and even then its a stretch) its hard to become proficient in ALL the systems. Take this from someone who again owns a shoppe and “lives” in the world of divination almost full time.

I personally am very proficient (I will NEVER say I have Mastered any system) with Tarot, Lenormand, Runes and yes its about time I be open about it, Kipper as well. I am an intermediate type of skill level with Gypsy Cards and Deste Cards and…… I am a beginner in a few others, namely Charm casting. Now remember I do this for a living and its my hobby as well, so don’t go judging yourself by me and also, anyone who knows me will know this is not about me bragging about what or how many systems I do know.

So what do I suggest for how many you should read? Three – yep I gave you a number, Three. If you become proficient in any three different systems you are pretty much good to go. Now this doesn’t mean three different Tarot decks, yes I know they all speak a different dialect but it is the same language, before you go there. If you choose three tools/systems – and I do suggest not all be card based – you will also have the added benefit of having stretched your mind by learning and, trust me it will happen as I said above, learning how the tools/systems relate and integrate.

So did I give you enough to think on? I hope so! Part of the goal here was to also challenge you to learn more, I am a big one on keeping everyone a life long student – keeps the brain young!

Until I blog next, Shuffle Well !! Hugh

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