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Rana George Lenormand Review!

Perhaps the single most awaited Lenormand Deck ever, I received an advanced copy from US Games, Inc. in order to work with it and read the accompanying Little White Book (LWB) to write this review. Much thanks to Lynn at US Games, Inc – how quickly you got this to me was quite amazing.

Now …… onto the Deck.

Lets get some basics done first-

The cards are 3 1/2 by 2 1/4 inches, just slightly under the “official” Bridge Card size. The card stock is good and between the size, the card stock and the finish it shuffles very well straight out of the box. The cards also have the playing card insets (something I enjoy and work with) as well as being numbered. On the opposite side of the card from the number is an Arabic symbol (I do hope I am saying that correctly) that I am assuming is also indicative as to the number of the card. It does add flair of the cards I will say. I would be remiss if I did not say that the gold foil accents are tastefully done and there is a texture to the cards in the graphics that, well you have to see it to appreciate it.

The box is another good feature. It is made of the more heavy duty type of double cardboard type of stock (sorry I have no idea what this is called) with a magnet closure. If you own Maybe Lenormand, Ryan Edward’s deck also by US Games Inc, you will recognize the box type. This box, and I judge it by the aforementioned deck of Ryan’s, holds up very well to the wear and tear that over time destroys the lesser boxes.

And the LWB – well this is not your Granny’s LWB that’s for sure. Rana’s flair and style of writing is clearly seen in this informative book. With her story telling ability and her informative yet informal way of reaching out from the pages, you don’t feel as you are being taught so much as you feel you are sitting with a friend on the sofa, enjoying a good cup of tea and the cards. I admit I enjoy Rana’s writings immensely and this LWB is no exception. I won’t spoil this by talking about it too much – just get your cozy chair ready for a good read.

And then there are the cards, oh yes the cards. Rana is the reigning Princess of Lenormand and I also get that from watching her posts on FB as well as watching her antics with SnapChat she likes her bling and makeup. This said was I a bit hesitant to look at these cards I have to admit, as much as I was anticipating them, yes I was a tad bit afraid – I am anything but a bling type of person but…… get your wallets, checkbooks and credit cards ready – you are going to want this deck.

You start going through the deck, and I did this before reading the LWB of course, and you feel transported. Lush colors and scenes that arise from the cards are just an adventure unto themselves. If going to a Middle Eastern Culture was on your bucket list, you just found a way of doing so without getting on a plane. You will see that the image of card is front and center as should be on a Lenormand deck, they stayed true to the system and I applaud that. The deck does include four extra cards and I admit now and make no excuse for it, I don’t use the extra cards in any decks I own so- you are on your own to review these, sorry gang! Sorry that is a lie, I do use them with the Maybe Lenormand deck and that is because with them you then have a Gypsy Card style deck which I do enjoy reading with as well.

Now with this said, I sat down and played a bit, okay all night long to be honest, after I got home from my shoppe. The cards and their images read well and easily while I was working in lines and the 3X3/Portrait Spread.

Again the images are placed well so you can quickly find them in the smaller spreads.

My issue with the deck, and sadly I have to say this, is when we get to the Grand Tableau. The lush and exquisite art along with the upper and side placed borders can overwhelm you. While I entirely enjoy all of this and realize the reason(s) behind it, I did find myself having to re-orientate myself a few times while reading GT’s with this deck. But wait, the deck saves itself in a unique way!

The use of the border being upper and sides with no bottom border, and the style that was used in creating the border did in fact create, at least for me, a portal through which to view the cards. After a bit of time the GT became easier to read and orientate upon due to this “portal” effect. I believe and with out speaking to Rana I have no way of knowing this (no I do not know Rana personally before you inquire) this was the intention of this border. If so – BRAVO – because you found a means to make a deck that was almost destined go to my “its too busy to be of use” stack of Lenormand decks, to being useable and enjoyably so. In fact the more I used it, again I was up most of the night with them, this border had a focal ability I have only seen once before with a Lenormand deck, that was the Enchanted Lenormand deck of Caitlin Matthews.

While I have and will continue to review decks as too busy for the Lenormand System, you may find this “portal” effect saves the day for you as it did for me.

You will also note the photo I took above, I do apologize but as you can tell a photographer I am not. What I want you to notice is the back of the cards – they are stunning and works of art unto themselves. The Hand of Fatima with a stylized RG – if this is not Rana’s trademark, it well should be. This design also make shuffling a mesmerizing affair which – aids greatly in your concentration and focus, a huge plus to those who struggle with that issue when shuffling.

So a beautiful and useful deck and a well written LWB, an excellent job which I would be remiss if I did not say this ; What you have with this deck is a true collaboration of skills, arts, talents and time/energy. Callie French put artwork to the vision of Rana George and US Games Inc. created it all around both of their work to create a package that any Lenormand reader I know will be very glad to purchase and use. If you have been waiting patiently (or not so patiently) I can say this without reservation-

This deck was so worth the wait – you are holding a truly magickal Lenormand Deck in your hands when you hold the Rana George Lenormand. I can only hope you enjoy this deck as much as I did reviewing it and that it aids you in your readingsas the trusted friend which I am sure it is about to become for you!

Please note – I do not receive payment from the Publisher or Creators of the Decks and/or Books I review. All insights and opinions are just that and they are my own personal ones at that, I do not consult with others. If you have a Lenormand Deck or Book that you wish me to review (and remember I am going to point out its positive and negative points) please contact me via my website. I am available as a consultant on Lenormand Deck creation on a paid basis and do not review decks I have consulted upon.

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