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Why Lenormand is a great gift to your Children

As parents, we all do our very best to pass on an ethical code to our children and are proud of their endeavours (no matter how misshapen that wooden kitchen roll holder is that they crafted in school!), we stand behind them regardless of their talents and try and eek out any piece of information that they will share with us about their feelings.

We are trying to forge relationships between our children and their world and give them an understanding of how their world works.

I have two boys, my eldest Lloyd is not a talker and shares very little, my youngest Nate, on the other hand, is a chatterbox and shares the minutest detail of his day, both very different characters with their own worries and insecurities and both fighting their own kid battles as everyone else.

I have found that Lenormand helps both my boys in different ways (note they do read Kipperkarten too but both have an a love of Lenormand - or as Nate would say "Lemonrand") and I am sure your kids would find that these gems work wonders for all ages from Kindergarten business to the depths of Teenage Angst!

How can Lenormand help?

Nate (here using the Sirens Song Lenormand by Carrie Paris), although he is "only" in Kindergarten and a total chatty boy who shares his every burp with me, he still likes to know what he can expect in his day, Kindergarten is sometimes inconsistent and his days merge into different activities, so when he lays the cards in the morning he asks things like "will I play in the garden today" (which is very important to him) or "what will happen in my school day" as a general need for stability or an order in his day. If he received cards that he sees as challenging (he is a nightmare for shouting "PAIN" when 36. Cross comes up and then giggling away at the side of me) he tries to apply it to a situation that he can remember that was "a pain" in some way but a little daily pain like the kids being too loud on occasions and then he is quite happy to go to kindergarten in the knowledge that the worst that can happen is his buddies will be too loud for him. He is a worrier by nature so a little positive reinforcement and the feeling "he knows" how his day will be is an encouragement for him.

​Lloyd (using his "go-to" Gilded Reverie Lenormand by Ciro Marchetti) also has his reasons for laying the cards before school, he doesn't particularly need to know, but he thrives on knowledge and the application of 3 cards during his school day kicks his brain into gear and his Dr Who Persona into full throttle. He knows what he is looking to identify in his day and the possibilities make it more interesting, he enters his school day like a sleuth and when I pick him up he is full of excitement to tell me how they applied! Lately, he has not wanted to go swimming at school, so much so that he wanted to stay home, until we pulled the cards and worked out what the worst that could happen on that day for him, naturally nothing that would stop him having fun! He even rightly anticipated a visit from an experienced swimming coach who had won Gold Medals using Lenormand - an experience he really enjoyed.

Cartomancy is a wonderful tool that children pick up so quickly, especially with the symbolic Lenormand cards, a whole new world of information opens up to them and they gain an insight into their own lives and how they handle it. Lloyd left his pencil case at school which could have caused a huge issue in that he was worried he would never find it again, he asked the cards and received a "yes" you will find it tomorrow and even a "where" he would find it. He entered school on a mission to check the places which he had interpreted and there it was, waiting for him!

So what benefits does it have?

1. Time spent together (always top of the list!)

2. Sharing your gift with your child (goes without saying!)

3. Learning the "art" of asking the right question early on

4. Understanding what is "ethical" i.e. what they can ask

5. Having a tool to use when worried

6. Emotionally and psychologically deal with problems

7. Practical problem solving

8. Acceptance of daily matters

9. Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge

10. ..... and so many more!

Imagine your little super heroes/heroines using their already heightened powers and strengthening their bond with cards from an early age - it is magic to see!

Teach them now, tomorrow never comes and if you cant teach them send them to me - they can learn with my boys :)


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