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NYACK March 2017 Calendar of Events

** Spring is just around the corner ------------------------------------------------------------ ** 2017 is already flying by us here at Spellbound of Nyack and all while we are having a great time as well!! ------------------------------------------------------------ That old saying about doing what you love and you will never work a day is right. Now don't get me wrong, there are somedays that I do want to play hookie but - that happened once all of last year so I think its a good indicator that I love my job. That job is growing in leaps and bounds and I am thrilled with that as welll. The idea of The Fortune Tellers Society, the online portion of the business, has grown. Offering classes and readings is taking off in ways that I didn't expect. My passion for reading cards of all types is having its fires fanned and I am loving it.

Now don't get me wrong I love my "live in person" types of classes but this allows me to teach people from all around the globe. Then, in case you didn't know, on the website ( is now an online scheduler that you can use to book a reading or healing appointment. That is starting to take off as well and the reading by the way can be done via FaceTime and soon Skype. For people like me who are "of a certain age" this is almost getting to have a Star Trek feel to it. When clients start "beaming over" to see me - then I think I retire, LOL. The shoppe isn't being left out of all the fun of course. I am starting to phase out certain items (those that didn't sell as well of course, not your favorites) and bring in more of things I hope you will enjoy. Of course this means the divination/cards section growing a bit - Yes that makes me very happy and I hope you as well. So March 20th brings us the Spring Equinox and Ostara. While I am a bit disappointed we didn't get much snow this year ( I know I know I am crazy to want it) I am looking forward to more outdoors time. But, before we go there here is your March Calendar of Events in the Shoppe - as always please CALL to RSVP - Facebook and texts are not a good way to ensure your space in a class!! :) March 2017 COE Beginners Crystal Workers Class 7PM-9PM Wednesday March 9^th 7PM-9PM $30.00 An evening of fun and energy awaits you at Spellbound of Nyack. Learn the basics of various crystals as well as how to find those that best work for you. Forming a “working relationship” which is key to your success with crystals is also covered. Please bring a pen and notebook, handouts will be provided. Lenormand Study Salon Sunday March 19^th, 10:00-11:00AM $25.00 Offered at Spellbound of Nyack the popular divination venue of Europe is finally gaining ground here in the USA. This is an interactive group and all should have with them a Lenormand Deck, pen or pencil and notebook/journal. Decks are available for sale if you do not have one. Each month we will gather to further our understanding and depth of practice with this amazing tool. As this group grows another group may have to start as keeping the groups small to ensure the best learning environment is very important. Stay tune for more on that. Reiki Share Evening Wednesday, March 22^nd , 7:00-9:00PM $20.00 Looking for a time and place to practice and hone your Reiki skills while being in the company of other Reiki Practitioners? This is your chance! Whether you are a Level 1, 2 or Reiki Master, all are welcome to join in on this evening of healing and learning. Take the time to add more experience and depth to your Reiki practice and remember Non-Reiki practitioners are welcome to come and be worked on if you know of people who would like the chance to experience this modality. Lenormand Divination System – The Beginners Course Thursday, March 23^rd , 7:00-8:30PM Spend a fun and information packed evening learning the Lenormand Card Reading System basics. This simple 36-card Oracle system is being embraced for its direct way of giving you information, with just what you learn in one class you will be amazed at what you can do. You need to have a Lenormand Deck as well pen and notebook, handouts will be provided. Cost is $35 per person and please note to support this reading system we do also offer a monthly Lenormand Study Group as stated above. Reiki Level Two Certification Workshop Sunday March 26^th , 10:00-6:00PM $200.00 10AM-6PM Offered at Spellbound of Nyack and taught by a Reiki Master of well over a decade of teaching experience. The “magic” of Reiki is what we really call this course as you learn and gain the abilities to perform mental, emotional and distance healings. The three symbols are taught as well as numerous ways, both traditional and non-traditional, to use them. Our one-day workshop is $200.00 per person attending. You should call (845) 659-4888 to inquire further or to reserve your spot in this limited sized group. Please remember this will not be offered again at Spellbound until the Fall of 2017. Spellbound of Nyack, 142 Main St., Nyack, NY (within the Franklin Antiques Building.) So off we go and ready to run into Spring. Please remember to start airing out your homes both physically by opening windows and energetically using methods you know. If you don't know of any then by all means stop in and ask! Blessed be my friends and stop in and say Hello! Hugh ============================================================ Copyright © 2017 Spellbound of Nyack, All rights reserved. You signed up for emails while in the shoppe. Our mailing address is: Spellbound of Nyack 142 Main Street Nyack, NY 10960 USA

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