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12. Rich Girl - Kipper Cards - Sneak Peak!

12. Rich Girl - Original Kipper Deck

As many of you will know by now, I am working together with the unstoppable and amazingly talented Carrie Paris ( to create a one of a kind Kipper Deck that will hold true to the Original Kipper Deck directional read. We already shared our sneak peak of the 22. Officer Card (here it is if you missed it!!).

The Original Kipper Deck is still my favourite Kipper deck as it is unique in its directional cues and reading style that has been passed down generations of Bavarian Kipper Readers, who can trace the deck back along the generations to late 1800s.

So, what is the Kipper System?

Those readers who know me from the World Kipper Association ( will know that Kipper is read differently to how the English speaking world (and to some extent the modern German speaking world) has proposed it be read, it is based on combo directional cues, stop card traditions and a Storyboard narrative based on these directions and stops - A GT is a lot more fluid than the Lenormand GT, our Kipper reads flow in the directions set in the cards.

So how would I describe the two systems? Imagine Mlle. Lenormand as your practical sister who gives you a very straight answer to what you need to fix in your life (even if you don't want to hear it), then in comes Frau Kipper who runs in, smacks you in the face shares your inner most secrets and removes herself quietly - She leaves no stone unturned, so much so that on relationship reads we can even give a warning out to our Querents that if there is anything dishonest going on in the relationship AT ALL - Kipper will spill the beans - all over the table and leave them weeping.

Why am I sharing this? I realised this past week that I have been in my Kipper World for "only" 9 years, I have studied with the best (and I really do mean the best) and also taught the best students worldwide, but nobody, until last week, has questioned the card 12. Rich Girl.

For those not accustomed to the Kipper Cards our Rich Girl is a female who is younger than our Querent, many see her as a friendly colleague, a sister, BFF or even the "third wheel" in a relationship, I have a different relationship with this young lady and I don't trust her one bit! She is full of the joys of being young and is carefree in her attitude, she can also be a complete bitch!

Our three main ladies all face right in the Original Kipper Deck - on many of our cards we go as deep as ascertaining which way the shoulders are turned and where their back is facing, I am astounded that it has taken so long for a student to ask me why Rich Girl isn't clear!! I have been asked many many times on other decks, but nobody ever questions the directions in the Original Kipper Deck!

You will see in the image above that her shoulders are square on, they are neither facing left or right, only her head tilt gives us the impression she is right facing.

The answer is very clear in Bavaria ...

"all women cards who can be actual characters in the Querent's life face right, no matter how obscure it may look they all face the same way"

(even Dishonest Person who is not often an actual person).

They face right for a very practical reason, their partners' all face left! (We could go deeper here and discuss the transposed images in the early deck but thats another story).

Original Kipperwahrsagekarten - Cartamundi

So now, I get to the point in the blog where I wanted to be ... I am pleased to share with you our 12. Rich Girl from my collaboration with Carrie Paris, we have kept true to the original deck by suggesting her direction only with a head tilt, her shoulders and back are ambiguous but her head looks to the right.

12. Rich Girl CPTP Kipper

12. Rich Girl Kipperwahrsagekarten

Knowing my dislike of the Rich Girl card, who really can be quite a nuisance at times, Carrie humoured me with my own card to fit in with my relationship with her, I think I will be opting for this as the final version - what do you think?

Rich Bitch

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