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Which Lenormand Spread to use?

I find so much comfort in the Lenormand Card reading system I find it hard to verbalize. One way that I can explain it is through its simple means of spreading the cards. There are few spreads to use but they work well and they work in so many different ways and venues it still amazes me.

There is a common thread to Lenormand spreads, more cards is not necessarily better. With the exception of the Grand Tableau (GT), which uses all of the cards, most spreads commonly only use up to 9 cards. With the way that the cards interact and also form combinations there is little need for more cards. When people are pulling more cards for more clarity this indicates, to me at least, they need more study into the meanings of the cards already in front of them. Okay that might not be fair if you pulled only 3 cards and realized then how complicated your question really was but you know where I am coming from.

Sirens Song Lenormand

Most people start with learning the spreads with The Lines. From 3 to 9 cards (I have heard of 11 but if I need that many I would throw down a GT) this way of reading is heaven for its ease of reading. There are a few different choices in how to read a line and everyone favors one typically more then the others. The Lines can be used for all topics and covers any of them well. When in doubt, throw down a line of cards!

We add to the Lines other spreads such as the Pyramid, The Relationship Spread and the Square of Nine. The Relationship Spread, well its name tells you what that is built for and it is built quite well. With #28 and #29 placed down and 8 other cards then spread out around them you get a very good picture of what is going on in a relationship between two people. I do use a deck with two same sex Significators for a Gay/Lesbian couple when needed.

The Pyramid Spread well I admit here and now, I fall down on that one. I have never used it that much because (here comes the favoritism) my little darling is the Square of Nine. For me, hands down this is my go to spread when I need to get the details and dirt on a subject other then a relationship. It does such a job of unearthing information its better then hiring a private detective. I have seen a couple of different ways to read the Square of Nine all of them valid, you have to choose what way works best for you. In all cases I have found that with all the combinations you can make with just 9 cards you are very well served.

Sirens Song Lenormand

And then there came the GT – The Mother of All Spreads! I agree with author and Lenormand Expert Andy Boroveshengra that the GT is what the Lenormand System was built to do. Everything you learn before that is basically just so you can work with the GT. There is nothing, and I do mean nothing I have come across that a GT cannot handle and it can in fact handle so many things at once its nothing short of amazing. I know it’s intimidating to say the least when you first look at one but – get over it. Andy’s right, its what the cards were meant to do.

Maybe Lenormand

Grand Tableau - Cards Maybe Lenormand by Ryan Edward

Learn how to read a GT in steps and then slowly add the steps together and what do you have? You have structure and that my friends is what the Lenormand system thrives on, structure within divination! Given time and some serious study you will learn your way around the GT and love it. After falling in love you will then have to curb yourself from throwing a GT for every little question and getting lost in the fun that is the GT.

So what Spread is for what you ask? You just read this write up, you answer me! Seriously, in future write-ups I will go into more details on some of the spreads mentioned here, this is just to whet your appetites for more Lenormand goodies I have in store for you!


About the Author: Hugh Irving, Co-Founder WLA

Starting in the mid 1970’s Hugh started reading Tarot, adding in the 1980’s Runes and then 2013 began his love affair with Lenormand. Hugh was born and bred in the suburbs of New York City and his blunt and to the point style is mirrored by Lenormand, with which he is a Gold Endorsed Reader. Hugh is also an Interfaith Minister, Reiki and Karuna Ki Master, 3rd Wiccan High Priest and owner of Spellbound of Nyack, a metaphysical shoppe where he reads the Cards. Hugh resides with his husband Dan, and cats Endora and Barnabas in the village of Nyack, NY.

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