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It's amazing to run into someone so profound in the metaphysical gifts and abilities as Psychic Medium Sherry Paris with 14 generations. Ms Sherry is a lady that expells the soft glow of kindness handing out to all her clients. Ms Paris is a natural born psychic medium. Very intuitive and empathic spirit reading and medium ship are just a few abilities along with the reading of Oracle and Tarot cards. Sherry is quite educated in the "Claires" as they are called clairvoyance, claireaudience, clairesentience, clairealience, claireambience, and clairecognizas would be the correct terms of the "Clares".

Sherry is very connected with the use of the pendulum and pendulum dousing. Time frames are also her forte'.

Psychic medium Sherry Paris spent several years learning the techniques of Quantum Touch Energy Healing. She is a licensed practitioner for the energy healing of Quantum Touch.

The cutting of cords, cleansing homes, crossing spirits, life coaching plus mentoring new seers is also on the list for Psychic Medium Sherry Paris.

**written by a client