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In order to select the best bundle for your game, we recommend to select at least some of the bundles for example: The good quality bundles: 3D Studio Max Master, Maya Master, Unreal Master or .You will see which bundles are similar to your chosen bundles.If you have any problems with the search or cannot find the DAZ 3D or DAZ Studio 3D or DAZ Studio MAX bundles that you are looking for, feel free to contact us. We also can suggest a specific bundle for your game.In order to search for the bundles for your game, please fill out the form below. Logo File Upload The logo for the version you would like to download should be already prepared in the format that the system of DAZ 3D/DAZ Studio 3D/DAZ Studio MAX is expecting. The logo will be resized automatically during the creation of your bundle. If you have any problems with the size of your logo or you are not able to create a proper logo in the system of DAZ 3D, feel free to contact us. We also can suggest a specific logo for your game. Please notice: The only files that can be transferred into the bundle are.DAZ,.MAX,.MDL and.3DS files..DAZ files can also be copied into the bundle via your working storage (local disk)..MAX files can be copied into the bundle via your working storage. If your working storage is a local one, you should always use the local system where the project is opened to create the bundle. This is because we cannot guarantee that files are copied into the bundle correctly when we transfer them from a remote system. The custom content of your bundle should be saved before the creation of the bundle. Otherwise you will have to delete all custom content and create it all over again. Please remember that you have to specify a version number, a publisher name and a product name in each line of the.INFO file. File: Select file: (Do not select the.max file in the list). File name: Select file name: (If you select the.max file in the list, the file will be overwritten and deleted). Versions: (Version number) Publisher: (Publishing company) Product: (Name of your product) Version:




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