Course Start      Any Time!

Where                Facebook Classroom

Teacher              Dmitry Korolev
Length               5 Lessons (Video / Handout)


Pre-requisite: Completion of Russian Cartomancy Level 1



So now you know the meanings of the 36 Russian cards, a few nifty spreads, and plus some folklore to boot? Well, think of it as the first step, an invitation of sorts, for now it’s time to get acquainted with the central spread that’s fascinated the Russian cartomancers for 200 years, the main weapon in every babushka’s arsenal – the Classic Russian Spread!


In this course you will learn:

* All three stages of The Classic Russian - stage by stage, day by day.
* Interesting details of interpretation.
* Plus, a secret bonus spread!


No refunds after course commencement.


We live and breathe divination, our courses have been formulated to encourage interaction with your system in a fun and safe environment. Not only are our lessons designed to make learning simple, we also have a WDA expert on hand to provide feedback at every step should you wish to choose the live course option. Courses listed are "Live Online" which means a live class in a facebook classroom - your WDA Master Teacher is available for feedback on all exercises.

Russian Cartomancy Level 2

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