Le Grand Jeu Lenormand LEVEL 1 - STRICTLY 15 PLACES


WHEN           Start Monday 7th October - 5 Days

WHERE         Facebook Classroom

TEACHERS   Björn Meuris & Ruth Gistelinck

TIME              All timezones - complete in your own time during this week

REQUIRED    Le Grand Jeu Lenormand deck


Course details


Description Grand Jeu:

If you are a true Lenormand fan who wants to follow in Mlle Lenormand’s footsteps, Le Grand Jeu is the closest thing you will get that englobes all her occult knowledge. It is well known that she loved Greek mythology, astrology and flowers. 

Le Grand Jeu is extravagantly complex but extremely interesting and requires a specific set of techniques that can’t be compared to those used in other card systems. The cards are full of detailed information and surprising storylines, offering amazingly vivid and accurate interpretations.

This unique workshop contains everything you need to unlock the secrets of this intriguing system:


- Working with the main image of the cards
- Interpreting the Flowers and Petit Sujets
- Reading and interpreting 3- and 5-card spreads





Oct 7 - Le Grand Jeu Lenormand Level 1 Workshop

99,00 €Price
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