When                 Any time!

Where                Facebook Classroom

Teacher              J David Arcuri
Length               5 Lessons (Video / Handout)


This is a home study course - all lessons are available in a private facebook classroom and your tutor is on hand to check through your exercises as and when you complete them.



Course Description

La Vera Sibilla Level 1: an Introduction 


The Italian Sibilla cards first appeared in northern Italy in the mid-19th century. It is believed that the Sibilla was derived from the Austrian Gypsy Card tradition. In Italy, the Sibilla cards are called chiaccherine (chatterbox) for their chatty nature. They have a penchant for expounding on the mundane affairs of daily life, as well as revealing important future events. There are no secrets safe from the Sibilla! 


In this workshop you will join J David Arcuri to unlock the mysteries of La Vera Sibilla and learn to interpret the messages from these chatty and captivating cards. This course  will teach you everything you need to know to accurately tell fortunes with La Vera Sibilla.


Required: 1 recommended deck of La Vera Sibilla cards.


Recommended Deck: 

  • Everyday Oracle by Lo Scarabeo.

Also acceptable: 

  • Sibilla Originale by Il Meneghello, 

  • La Vera Sibilla by Masenghini. 


(This course can be applied to other Sibilla decks, but because we will be studying directional cues from the images, a traditional deck is recommended.)

In this course you will learn:


  • The characteristics of the four suits, and their importance in a reading.

  • The meanings of all 52 cards; both upright and reversed, including health meanings

  • Significators and Person Cards

  • Directional cues

  • How to do a daily draw, and how to answer simple questions with the 3 Card Spread

  • The traditional 5 Card Spread for answering more complex questions


We live and breathe divination, our courses have been formulated to encourage interaction with your system in a fun and safe environment. Not only are our lessons designed to make learning simple, we also have a WDA expert on hand to provide feedback at every step should you wish to choose the live course option. Courses listed are "Live Online" which means a live class in a facebook classroom - your WDA Master Teacher is available for feedback on all exercises. For more details see below.

*****No refunds after course start!

La Vera Sibilla Level 1

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