When                 10th February

Where                Facebook Classroom

Teacher              Brant Williams
Length               1 week (Monday to Friday Video Lessons + Handouts)


This is a live course - all lessons are available in a private facebook classroom in your timezone and your tutor is on hand to check through your exercises as and when you complete them.



Course Description


Psychic Self-defense: Powerful meditations, and rituals from the Western Mystical tradition to protect, and energize your aura.

-Ritual Magick for beginners lvl 0

This course is aimed at those who wish to learn more about Ritual Magick, and the Western Mystical tradition. However all professional Diviners and Fortune Tellers will benefit, and learn how to cleanse and energize yourself between readings.

-Lesson one: Breath and visualization. The Circle of Light meditation.

-Lesson two: The Magickal Voice, and vibrating the Words of Power. Sealing the aura with the Qabalistic Cross.

-Lesson three: Recharge with the Middle Pillar ritual, and the Circulation of the Body of Light.

-Lesson four: Setting the Wards of Power, a ritual for setting sacred space, and daily practice.

-Lesson five: Two rites for protection: charging a talisman, and the Cross Not My Path spell.



We live and breathe divination, our courses have been formulated to encourage interaction with your system in a fun and safe environment. Not only are our lessons designed to make learning simple, we also have a WDA expert on hand to provide feedback at every step should you wish to choose the live course option. Courses listed are "Live Online" which means a live class in a facebook classroom - your WDA Master Teacher is available for feedback on all exercises. For more details see below.

*****No refunds after course start!

Psychic Self-Defense

85,00 €Price
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