When                 9th March

Where                Facebook Classroom

Teacher              J David Arcuri 
Length               2 weeks (Monday to Friday Video Lessons + Handouts)


This is a live course - all lessons are available in a private facebook classroom in your timezone and your tutor is on hand to check through your exercises as and when you complete them.


Course Description


Cartomancy, or divination with playing cards, predates Tarot. Playing cards were originallycreated for game play prior to the 14th century. The cards were quickly adapted to divinationpractices almost from the start. The modern system I teach is derived from the Spanish andItalian cartomancy traditions. Prior to the 1960s, and the beginning of the Tarot Renaissance,playing cards were the most popular method of cartomancy in the English-speaking world.In this workshop you will join J David Arcuri to explore divination with the far-from-ordinaryplaying card deck.The playing cards can reveal your past present and future when youunderstand how to decipher the messages in the cards. This workshop includes individualizedfeedback on exercises specifically designed to help you build confidence and increase youraccuracy as a reader of playing cards.You will learn everything you need to know to accuratelytell fortunes with the 52-card classic playing card (poker) deck.


Required​: 1 ordinary deck of 52-card playing cards with French Suit Symbols (​♢♡♧♤​). Anypoker deck would be fine. You may want to avoid illustrated decks since we do not read cardimagery in classic cartomancy.


In this course you will learn​:

●The characteristics of the four suits, and their importance in a reading.

●How the pip numbers influence the meanings of each playing card

●Detailed meanings for all 52 cards.

●How to read the Court Cards as people, qualities and situations.

●How to analyze the Court Card directions.

●How to analyze the flow of action in a line of 3 cards.

●How to recognize and create useful card combinations.

●The 6-card Answer Spread for answering specific questions

●The Marriage Spread for love and relationship readings

●The Work Spread for work and career readings


We live and breathe divination, our courses have been formulated to encourage interaction with your system in a fun and safe environment. Not only are our lessons designed to make learning simple, we also have a WDA expert on hand to provide feedback at every step should you wish to choose the live course option. Courses listed are "Live Online" which means a live class in a facebook classroom - your WDA Master Teacher is available for feedback on all exercises. For more details see below.

*****No refunds after course start!

Classic Cartomancy Level 1

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