Learn the art of Bone Reading with Garth Tardy


Date: Anytime!

Location: Facebook Online course - all timezones perfect!

Certification upon succesful completion of exam


Required: Bones! See links below for suitable kits.


Join Garth Tardy and explore the art of Bone Reading. On this course you will time in a facebook classroom with Garth and you will cover the foundation required to become a solid bone reader. This is a Level 1 course and suitable for all readers who would like to start reading today!


To begin the course the student will need to purchase ahead of time a bone throwing kit and have a plain (solid colored) cloth to throw onto. The kits below are fine. The WeldStreetOddShop has more bones than the Lucky Mojo kit, but many a bone thrower has started out with their kit and added to it. If you go with Lucky Mojo, try to get a couple extra bones from Furries or your own local sources or friends. (all details in the link)


Don’t buy “travel kits” and do not buy “charm reading” kits. 


WeldStreetOddShop …. Good kit with a lot of bones to start with.

The Lucky Mojo kit many start with. Combination of some bones, claws, and mostly curios.

Furries. Excellent shop to buy individual bones. Ethically sourced bones. To build a starter kit of bones for the class start with at least six different types of bones. 



Cancellation only accepted before course start - no refunds after the course has commenced.

Bone Reading

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