Order your 2021 forecast reading today and be comfortable that you are in the hands of a professional reader, one who has studied his/her system and has been tested to the highest standards. All our readers come highly recommended through our continued testing of their abilities. We have every confidence in your satisfaction.


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Available WDA Master Readers:

Toni Puhle (Kipper / Lenormand / Gypsy Card / Tarot)

Maria Alviz Hernando (Tarot)
Brant Williams  (Gypsy Cards / Gypsy Witch)
Annette Lanniee (Lenormand / TdM / Kipper / Gypsy)
Jane Matthews (Tarot / Oracle)

Bob Decker (Lenormand)

Endorsed Reader - We will assign a reader to you!


Currently unavailable:

J. David Arcuri (La Vera Sibilla / Classic Cartomancy)


Year Ahead Read - from 55€


Readings are non-refundable, for health or psychological problems we recommend professional medical advice is sought. For entertainment purposes only.


2021 Year Forecast

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