Meet Bob Decker! Featured Reader and WDA teacher!

Everybody meet Bob Decker!

Bob is one of our wonderful WDA teachers and will be teaching Le Petit Cartomancien course early next year.

How long have you been in and associated with the WDA?

About a year and a half, if my memory serves me correctly.

How did you find the WDA?

I discovered it through Toni Puhle’s videos on YouTube.

Can you tell us about you and your background?

I was very academically inclined as a teenager. I was constantly reading books on philosophy and religion. I went to college to either become a minister or a philosophy teacher. My alcoholism and drug abuse led to me not finishing school. I wound up joining the Navy in an effort to clean up my life.

How did you get into card reading?

When I was in the Navy and attending local AA meetings, I was invited to go to a Spiritualist church, which I found very interesting and enjoyable. One night, I went to a Tarot class just to see what it was all about. I was entranced by the cards, which happened to be the Morgan-Greer Tarot, and fascinated by the fact that these two women could tell each other things they could not know without having the cards in front of them.

When did you start card reading?

This was in 1984, when I was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia.

I had a captive audience of shipmates who were amazed at what the cards could tell them without having to give me any information up front.

What system did you start with?

Now as far as learning a real system, I started with Lenormand.

Who did you learn from?

I took a Masters class with Rana George, Donnaleigh DeLarose, Mary K Greer, and Bjorn Meuris.

What are your favourite systems?

Lenormand is my main go-to for professional readings. I get excellent and consistent results reading the Grand Tableau. I also like Gypsy cards and reading the Tarot Marseille. Soon I am going to start offering Kipper readings to clients as well.

What’s your fav deck?

For Lenormand, I use Rana George’s deck, it’s a real beauty that clients love. I also love the Card Geek’s Kipper, as well as the large edition of Claude Burdel’s Tarot de Marseille trump cards.

What’s your fav spread?

The Grand Tableau!

What advice do you have for new card readers?

Learn your system well by memorising the core meanings and applying them in context to the question being offered. If there is no question, don’t be afraid to do a general reading. Often, clients will get what they need to hear if you trust the cards and what they have to say.

What are your goals as a card reader?

To strengthen the knowledge and practice of the systems I have been learning in the WDA. I have been placing a lot of emphasis on Lenormand. Bjorn Meuris has made so much good traditional information available that is very helpful in doing in-depth readings for clients.

Do you have a card reading business?

Yes, I am a full-time professional reader. I stopped working a regular job in 2005, and have not looked back.

Tell us about Le Petit Cartomancien.

Le Petit Cartomancien is a concise system consisting of 36 cards. It originated in France in 1890. I love this oracle for getting quick, accurate, and concise answers to a wide variety of questions. It seems to be especially useful in love/romance readings. It is also very direct, it does not beat around the bush or candy-coat the reading. It's a great system and I'm looking forward to teaching the course next year!

What other spiritual interests do you have?

I study Angelic magic, Qabalah, Astrology, and various other metaphysical topics. I am certified as a past life regression hypnotist.

Anything else you like to add! Tell us more about yourself and your cards!

I’ve gotten so much out of reading cards over the years. Not just materially, though at times it has been lucrative. I have seen myself growing spiritually as I work with these systems and answer client’s question and/or help them get through the various dilemmas they encounter.

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Bob also has a Youtube channel for weekly Tarot readings!

Thank you so much Bob! Bob will be teaching Le Petit Cartomancien course on 27th April 2020. Get the course here!

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