Interview with Annette Lanniee!

Everybody meet Annette Lanniee!

Hi Annette, thanks for being interviewed.

The honour is mine!

How long have you been in the WDA?

Good question! I joined prior to the WDA when it was just the WLA, so about 3-4 years ago.

What posts do you look after?

I am currently a moderator for the Lenormand group. Though I float through the other groups.

What levels/badges do you have?

Master reader status in Lenormand and Kipper.

What courses have you done?

In the beginning, when it was just Toni, I devoured everything she taught and have bought all of her Udemy classes. When I'm in between clients at work, I can watch a few lessons. In recent history, I've taken Method of Distance and TdM with Bjorn, Andrea's Skat 1 & 2, Garth's Bones, pendulum healing, symbol healing, and in the current psychic development course taught by Toni.

When did you start card reading?

My family was very religious and I attended a Christian school from the 4th grade thru my senior year. Anything occult was of the devil and forbidden. The fact that I saw things really perplexed them and I learned quickly to not talk about it.

I bought my first deck at 18 and kept it hidden from the family for a year - it lived in the glove compartment of my car. I found this deck to be cumbersome at best but held onto it fervently. When it was discovered, I was given the choice to give it up or move out. I moved out, still tried to work with it and finally set it aside.

What system did you start with?

I found Lenormand and fell in love with the imagery and the easy yet accurate reading style.

Who did you learn from?

I wish there was a cool family story to share, but there isn’t. Before Toni, I studied information published by DonnaLeigh and other YouTubers. THEN I found Toni and it all clicked.

What’s your fav system?

Oh, that's tough. My three go-tos are Lenormand, Kipper and TdM.

What’s your fav deck?

Sirens Song Lenormand, the Card Geeks Kipper and the Jean Noblet TdM.

What’s your fav spread?

Now that depends on what and how much I went to know. If in a hurry then 3 or 5 cards.

Have you always been a fan of Halloween?

Yes!! Though celebrating this time didn’t become a reality until the last decade.

Did your family celebrate Halloween in a big style?

Oh heavens no. Card reading, ouija were all sinful and of the devil. Trick or treating was discouraged and when my sister and I could get them to give in, all costumes were homemade. I really didn’t get into the celebrating til my 30s.

What’s your best Halloween decoration?

On a large scale, this was the mausoleum. My husband built a mausoleum with 1x1s and styrofoam boards that we then carved to look like stone. Pool noodles were used in the front to create the look of carved columns and we attached the front half of styrofoam skulls to help with the cemetary feel. It all received a coat of monster mud (a blend of drywall compound and paint) to waterproof and give it a stone look. This was a walk through prop! A few years in, I bought a projector to cast ghosts into the mausoleum. The projector had to sit two foot out of the protection of the prop so husband built a child sized coffin, were the foot dropped out, to protect the projector from the weather.

I am sad to report that the mausoleum didn’t make it out this year - after 8+ years if assembly/disassembly it is worn out.

What are your Halloween traditions?

The traditions we now practice are what I have learned in the recent past. Honouring the dead, leave an empty place-setting at the table, food offerings, etc. I'm still trying to connect to an ancestry that has been discarded and forgotten.

What are your favourite Halloween spreads?

Messages from the Other Side and the new Spirit Radar.

What’s your fav Halloween memory?

The year I organized a dumb supper. It wasn't well received; Ronnie's family is very traditional and critical, so they came out of curiosity and it gave them something to talk about later. 😂 My daughters came home that weekend so husband, daughters and I had fun nonetheless.

What advice do you have for new card readers?

Study the traditional methods first then you can embellish. It’s akin to learning choreography; once you have the basics down then you add flourishes and really dance.

What are your goals as a card reader?

Continue to learn and perfect my craft. I just became a vendor for the Omni Homestead as a tarot reader; I am booked as an entertainer for conventions, large groups, etc so we will see what comes of that.

Anything else you like to add! Tell us more about yourself and your cards!

Once upon a time … isnt that how all the best stories begin? Who I am today is juxtaposed to my upbringing. I was raised to be a soldier; analytical and calculating, weapons training, etc. My family, those present and deceased, were very religious and dogmatic so when my first tarot deck was discovered, I was expelled from the house - it's ok, I was 19.

A word about my dead people; they are way more chill now than when they were living. Death gives one a unique perspective.

Out of the house, even my roommate (not a religious person) also took issue with my cards and so that part of me, the cards and such, was tucked away thought the clairsentient and cognisant parts continued, but that was easier to hide.

Two marriages and two daughters later I find myself in Bath County Va, living in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains; an ancient landscape with ties back to my family's origins of Scotland, Ireland, and Britain.

There is still so much to learn and I find myself taking on too much; the psychic development course with Toni, a crystal healing class with Hibiscus Moon, and in waiting are the self-paced courses of the Spirit Keepers Tarot, I-Ching, and Tao of the Craft.

And now you are all caught up. Cards, dead people, magic; Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!

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