Interview with an Endorsed Reader. Meet Christine Petta!

What level endorsed reader are you?

I am level 3 in Lenormand.

What WDA courses have you completed, or are taking?

Kipper bundle with Toni;

Lenormand Method Of Distance bundle with Bjorn and Ruth; Lenormand Game Of Hope with Toni; Private Eye Kipper with Toni on Udemy; Mix Systems with Toni;

Petit Etteilla level 1 and level 2 with Bjorn;

Le Grand Jeu Lenormand with Bjorn; Pendulum Basics and Pendulum Healing with Toni.

I am currently waiting for Symbols course with Toni and Sibilla with J David Arcuri.

What are your favourite decks? Shimmer Lenomand and Polly’s Sunset Lenormand. Also Toni’s Kipper Deck and Advanced Kipper deck by me!

What’s your favourite cartomancy spread?

Box spread.

Christine's Shimmer Lenormand in a box spread

How did you become interested in cartomancy?

I began with Brazilian roots with “Baralho Cigano”.

How did you begin with the WDA? Did you start with buddy reads, did you begin with a course, or did you just watch and observe for a while? First observing, then I jumped in and took a course!

How did you find the WDA?

Through a member.

What do you love about the systems you’re endorsed in?

My mentor… lol (Toni), learning so much with her!

Tell us a little about the Endorsed Reader Program from your perspective.

This certification keeps me updated and helps me practice what I learn in the groups,

and I believe the systems work. Also it will give me recognition for my readings as a professional in divination in the future.

What advice would you give to somebody wising to learn a system? Stick to the traditional system and add your thoughts after you have learned well.

If you could add anything to our WDA community, what would it be?

Nothing that I can add for a moment.

What do you like about the WDA?

I like that I rate it so highly!

What makes a good reader? Practice, practice and practice…..with a lot of study

Who do you look up to in the cartomancy community? TONI PUHLE

Do you have any decks that you’ve created and are available for sale?

Yes! Shimmer Lenormand and Advanced Kipper.

Do you have an online business or online shop to promote?

About me: Christine Petta

I come from an Italian/ Brazilian family.

I am a graphic designer, cartomancier and Reiki practioner. I also design and sell my own decks.

Ten years ago, I studied and taught palmistry following the Indian system from Cheiros.

My first contact with the cards was the “Baralho Cigano”, Brazilian Gypsy system.

I joined the WDA and learned a new concept of reading different system cards, in a traditional and accurate way.

I learned Kipper, Lenormand, Petit Etteilla, Healing Pendulum and Grand Etteilla and Sibilla.

There I met my lovely teacher and divination guide, Toni Puhle.

I do readings in Portuguese, Italian and English online in FB groups with different cards and systems, such as charms and tea-leaf oracle. I continue upgrading my knowledge making the most of the Endorsed Reader Program at the WDA.

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