Horary Astrology. Is she interested in me?

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

by Birgit Kiemes-Windmill

A client (let's call him Peter) wanted to know whether a girl he knows (let's call her Jenny) is interested in him and if he could win her.

In this case Peter is represented by Mars, Sun and the Moon and Jenny is represented by Venus

So, let's have a look who is interested in whom.

Venus is very close to the Ascendant in Scorpio. That means Jenny is ruled by Peter and she is, as is often the case when someone loves, vulnerable. Venus is in this position to its own detriment. Jenny is really interested in Peter.

Peter's planet Mars is in Aquarius. That means he is as a person not particulary interested in her. Peter's interest seems to have the roots in bad self-confidence as a man. Mars is sitting in the Sun's detriment.

The Sun is very much interested in Venus. So Peter wants her solely as a woman.

The Moon is sitting in Aries. Seems as if Peter is busy loving himself. The Moon is ruled by Mars and exalts the Sun but does not care about Venus in the slightest.

With Mars ruled by Saturn and the Sun exaltating Saturn it is clear that Peter is very much interested in Saturn. What does Saturn represent. As ruler of the 4. house he stands in this case for the end of the matter.

Peter is basically only interested to find out, whether he can talk her round.

So Peter is not interested in Jenny as a person. His interest is a physical one and he wants to know whether he can reach his goal i.e. getting her into bed.

On top of that, Peter seems to be quite narcissistic and loves himself and nobody else as a person and a man.

Although Jenny is interested, she does not like his emotional behaviour. Venus in Scorpio is weak but nevertheless hates Peter's feelings which are narcissistic. Venus turns backwards before reaching the Ascendent and before reaching the aspect with Mars.

So the answer is NO despite her clear interest in him his narcissistic attitude will turn her off (so no sex!).

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