Hail to the Mothers! Garth's Christmas thoughts!

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Hail to the mothers!

Yule time is finally here! For many of us that means a celebration of family and friends, the birth of Christ if one is Christian, and generally a time to reflect on the past and the future year.

Aside from the usual Yule activities and decorations such as lights, decorating the tree, and gift giving, I also celebrate an old Anglo-Saxon custom called “Mōdraniht” (Mothers’ Night), a celebration of all the mothers’ of my ancestors. From one’s own mother and grandmother (if passed on) to their mothers, and their mothers and so on back through the ages. They’re why you’re here! They lived and struggled all so you could be. I make an offering of candles, mead, cookies, and a prayer of thanks to them at my ancestor altar.

The 8th century historian Bede says this celebration was held on Christmas Eve, but many Heathens prefer to celebrate it on the eve of the Winter Solstice or on the night of the solstice itself. I, myself, prefer this night for its symbolism. As the earth grows cold and dark it is yet nourishing and protecting life within it. That life bursts forth as the light returns and the days grow longer. So it was with us and our mothers. We were held and nourished and protected within the dark of her body only to be brought out into the light so we can grow and live. A cycle repeating year to year and from mother to mother, child to child.

So, at this happy time of the year I think it’s also a perfect time to do some divination asking your Mothers’ for advice. What mother doesn’t have advice for her children after all? Toni Puhle has here wonderful “Message from the other side spread” which I think can be used quite well on this day as well. See her Youtube video: https://youtu.be/HbInC12REP0.

I tend to use runes at this time in keeping with the Yule/Heathen/Angl0-Saxon theme of the holidays for me. I use a 5 rune spread laid from left to right.

1. Past 2. Present 3. Future 4. Advice 5. Outcome

Blessed holidays everyone, and call your mother, she misses you!

Toni's 'Messages From The Other Side' video is on Youtube, here ...

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