Christmas Divination with Annette!

Most people think of Halloween as the time of year to do divination, the veil being thin and all. But did you know that Yuletide is another auspicious time to divine the coming year? Who knew!

It wasn't until I met Toni and joined the WDA that I learned about a series of readings performed during the 12 days of Christmas (Dec 24 - Jan 4/5). Rauhnacht. I know that some of you are nodding your heads in knowing and others are scratching heads going, Huh?

Beginning midnight December 24/25 (if you can stay up!), draw three cards to represent January of the next year, then on the 25th, three cards for February, etc. Until January 4th, the final three for the next year's December. You can use one deck or two, depending on if you want to have a primary prediction with an undercurrent. The cool thing about this is you can use any deck as it is a placement spread, just hold true to that system. My usual go-to are Lenormand and Kipper but with the completion of the Gypsy course, I may need to change this up!

Because the veil is thinnest at this time you could also use Toni's Spirit Radar spread or even the Messages From The Other side to hear from loved ones who have passed on. What is your favourite spread or deck for this time of year?

Check out The Card Geek's Youtube videos, Spirit Radar and Messages From The Other Side! Click on the image to open.

In our member's group, we add the 'Spirit Animal' element to our Rauhnacht reads, giving us advice and guidance for the coming year.

To join in with the Rauhnacht reads and add the Spirit Animal element, become a member of WDA!

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