• Lisa Young Sutton

Pro Lenormand Endorsed Reader

I came into this world a natural mystic - knowing that there was a world of Spirit around me which I was forever seeking connection with. From a very young age, I was searching for universal truths rather than man’s truth. I grew up in an 18th century home that was once a hotel. There was a walk-in fireplace with a beehive oven, an elevator, and a large underground drained cistern to play in. It was quite magical. We shared this space with my father’s funeral home. I was very sensitive to energies and used an Ouiji board and was a lucid dreamer. Surrounded by my horses, dogs, cats, and various small animals, I easily communicated with them, but I thought everyone could do that! As I matured and discovered that I was different, I only wanted to fit in, so I left all this behind, graduated from college and began a career as a freelance journalist, horse trainer/riding instructor, and later a K-9 scent detection trainer, handler, and judge. I also own a grooming salon specializing in hand-stripping and scissoring specific breed styles for the show ring. It wasn’t until 2016 that Spirit came looking for me, bombarding me with number signs until I had to take notice. I was also bombarded by crows - everywhere - following me and swooping down at me. They didn’t stop harassing me until I committed myself to a spiritual awakening. I now adore crows and feed them daily. I started studying numerology, remote viewing, mediumship, and animal communication. In 2017, I attended my first body, mind, spirit festival where a Shamanic woman spoke out to me as I walked by her booth. The things she said to me were so accurate and shocking that I burst out crying. She invited me to sit with her and told me that I came from a long line of gifted seers. At the time, I really didn’t understand what she was talking about, but she didn’t try to sell me anything, so I thought she was either a nut, or there must be some truth to what she said. But, there was one thing she said that changed my life. She said that my power would lie in something I’d hold in my hands. This led me to a study of psychometry, then scrying, and then dowsing (which I still practice). It wasn’t until I picked up my first deck of oracle cards that I understood what she was saying. I intuitively read oracle cards for almost a year before I bought a tarot deck, which I also read intuitively but with a knowledge of numerology and the elements. I was perfectly happy with those cards until I bought my first Lenormand deck. I began by using it as an oracle deck but was intrigued by some of the readers I found in a FB group who seemed to always know just what the cards were saying. It was those readers who explained that there was a system and that led me to the WDA. I started by taking Bjorn’s courses followed by Toni’s. I finally found the system I was searching for and I was home! Through these wonderful cards, Spirit and I developed a common language by which to communicate. Other than animals and cards, I enjoy studying Shamanism, homeopathy, herbs, essential oils, cooking, and baking.



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