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WDA Sweden

WDA Sweden är en del av den internationella sammanslutning World Divination Association. WDA Sweden startade 10 december 2021 och vårt mål är att arbeta för att uppnå hög kvalitet och god etik på svensktalande kort-tolkare.

Vi arrangerar kurser, certifieringar, konferenser och träffar både online och utanför webben. Ibland utan kostnad men när det kostar håller vi så låga priser som det är möjligt.


Kurs i Lenormand

Kurs i Gypsy 

Kurs i Kipper
Kurs i Tarot
Kurs i La Vera Sibilla
Kurs i Runor

★ Certifieringar


Vi finns i två facebookgrupper och på Instagram

Lärare och mentorer i WDA Sweden:
Rosemari Södergren, lärare i Lenormand, Kipper, Tarot och LVS
Liisa Korhonen, lärare i Gypsy
Jenny Greve, ansvarig för Instagram
Anette Hermansson, lärare i Runor

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Have you always wanted to read multiple systems but not had the time to start or just need a reminder of the foundations for each deck? Here is your chance to learn FOR FREE with the best of the World Divination Association Master Teachers!


All the sessions from our Summer Cartomancy FREE Lessons have been recorded and you are welcome to join the group and learn how to start reading with many divination tools so that you can decipher which is the best for you and also learn how to read in only an hours lesson!

No upcoming events at the moment


Benefits at a glance:


Members Only Group

Member Certificate

Member Logo

Quarterly Newsletter

Readers Group Support

Free Readings

First Refusal on Courses

Professional Learning

Access to the Endorsed Reader Program (certification must be purchased)




All Card Systems Available:


Have your reads tried and tested

3 Levels of Endorsement



Become a Professional Endorsed Reader and WDA Certified Reader with our Endorsement Program. Training, Testing and Endorsing, creating an army of readers at the highest level of system knowledge and application. Our readers are held to the utmost ethical values and always wear the WDA Badge with pride and honour. Lenormand, Tarot, Kipper, Gypsy Cards, Petit Etteilla, Tarot de Marseille and more!

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Join the Affiliate Program

Earn while you learn!


Become a WDA Ambassador and earn while you learn. Open to all members our affiliate program pays 15% on every course purchased! Share on social media and with friends and start to pay for those decks - divination tools - courses and more!

Join the WDA Family <3

No upcoming events at the moment



the skill or act of saying or discovering what will happen in the future

At the World Divination Association we divine the future, we learn age old techniques for predicting what will happen next. We teach, train and support diviners around the world in their quest to foresee the coming years for their Querent. Whether you are a reader, deck creator, professional or newbie, you will find your crowd here.


Accelerate your predictive accuracy today - wow clients and peers alike

Open the door to the system read, whether you come from a purely intuitive background or a traditional background you can accelerate your own personal reading growth tenfold by applying the science of the system. If you have been reading intuitively and haven't yet discovered the predictive accuracy of the system you are in for a treat! Being a system reader doesn't mean you don't use intuition, it means you apply it! A cherry on the top of each read! 


Our Endorsement Program is designed to train readers to the highest standards in their chosen system. Once certified you are an accredited WDA Master Reader and can choose how to apply this to your future, do you want to become an accredited WDA Teacher, Reader, Professional? The world is your oyster with our certification program.

The time for relying solely on intuition is over - do not accept readings based exclusively on your own gut feeling - learn a system from bottom up and prove to your clients and sitters that you can clearly interpret the divine message that is given you. You will be amazed at how predictive your readings will become, no more unstructured reads, using the science of the system you will knock your clients socks off every time with the accuracy of your interpretations. 


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