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🌼 Pick A Card 🌼Predictions (MAY 2019) 🔮Your Message for May + Giveaway!

🌼 Pick A Card 🌼Predictions (MAY 2019) 🔮Your Message for May + Giveaway! What does May have in store for you? Find out now! All you need to do is choose the pile of cards you are drawn to and watch the message! Choose a pile that you are drawn to and watch the video - if you wish to enter the giveaway make sure you watch the full video below - if you just want your prediction then jump to the links below! For those who wish to skip the giveaway: Did you choose: Pile 1 Pile 2 Pile 3 🦋Need a timeout? Try my meditation: Why not become a Kipper, Lenorm

It's a message for You - traditional pictures in playing cards...

Cartomancy and tradition are always closely connected. Several traditional pictures and sayings are still part of the cartomantic rules & vocabulary and they were seen as important signs in the cards. Just like we have some superstitious sayings in our everyday life when we see a spider for example - so do we have pictures like that in our cards. Often you cannot find these metaphors in books anymore - unfortunately they are fading away and sinking into oblivion, because they were only built on words passed on from generation to generation. But this is the stuff most card meanings are made of - it is like an essence of cartomancy. Especially the cards that don't have any symbolds or pictures

The different "Voices" of Playing Cards...

If you have ever left your home country to visit another, you know that you experience new or different cultures, often a different language is spoken. Even if the language shares common roots with your own, there is still a diversity of words and vocabulary. The card systems are no different! You are probably familiar with different fortune telling systems and have seen the playing card inserts on them - you maybe noticed them on Lenormand or Grand Jeu Lenormand, perhaps you already use Playing Cards for your divination method - but playing cards are not always the same. They are entitled to have their own role on the stage and not seen simply as accessories on other card systems - who

Private Study Courses with Björn Meuris

After a very busy first quarter of live workshops at the WDA, I am pleased to announce that those who have missed out and don’t want to wait till later this year, can now enjoy the same teachings in a different and even more convenient format. Petit Lenormand, Grand Jeu Lenormand and Petit Etteilla are now available as private study, soon to be followed by Tarot de Marseille and Petit Lenormand Love & Relationships. The online courses are conducted in a private Facebook room and are completely self-paced. There are videos and handouts and every lesson comes with exercises on which I give personalised feedback and advice. The Petit Lenormand Course is based on the Petit Lenormand Encyclopedia

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