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Lenormand GT Continued - Love

Some people asked how love could be seen in the spread I explained last week - easy peasy lemon squeezy - here you go :) Remember .... No matter how many combinations you complete, if you do not then interpret those into fluent English (or the language of your choice) then the read will remain a keyword read .... if you do take that final step into an interpretation that consists of sentences and punctuation, then you are onto a winner for your querent. Watch the quick round up on Love #lenormand #lenormandgt #lenormandcards #lenormanddeck #learnlenormand #thecardgeek

SKAT - Card Connections

Hello again, it is me Andreas & today I would like to tell you something more about Skatkarten. You definitely all know that there are the Hearts, Diamonds, Spades and Clubs. This is our image we have when we think of Skatkarten. And that is okay, it is right and this is the best image you can choose if you want to do fortune telling with these cards. These are the symbols that made it best through time in my country and maybe all over the world, I would say. But they did not always rule the world - and some countries stayed traditionally with their symbols. And this colours the world of playing cards - and I love it. Here in Germany - to make a step back in time, besides the Schafkopfkarte

Lenormand GT Combinations

The Lenormand GT is the ultimate spread with your 36 card deck. It is the spread that most readers wish to conquer, and the one, as a teacher, I see most frequently misunderstood. There are so many wonderful books on the market for Lenormand, so many amazing teachers out there and the techniques open to you are wide and varied. So, with all these wonderful teachings and literature, why does the GT remain the most misunderstood reading? Teachers (like myself) can teach you the techniques, we can show you what methods we use to extract the basic information within the spread, but we cannot INTERPRET for you. That is an extra step that you, as a reader, have to walk alone! The techniques, metho

Unravel the future with Playing Cards!

Hey, it is me Andreas, would you like to make a step back in time to the roots of divination with playing cards!? You might know, Divination in public was not always welcome and so people had to get creative. People started using playing cards for divination, pretending it was a game they were playing while actually predicting the future! And you know the Skatkarten, a deck of 32 playing cards which became very famous for fortune telling in Europe and especially in my country Germany. Maybe You have seen some people using them and always asked Yourself, how do they see or read something in cards which are almost all the same?! No pictures, no hidden clues, nothing you can hold on to…?

Tarot in Space - Interview

The Tarot in Space Kickstart is almost at an end and I have bagged myself a deck and an interview with the Deck Creator Laura Loup... watch on and see if this is a deck for your shelf! #tarotinspace #lauralaoup #tarot

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