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If you are lucky enough to live in Belgium and don't mind being on a waiting list for a little while, a private consultation with Björn is a real treat. Those who know Björn will not be surprised to hear that the reading table is always filled with different cards ranging from playing cards to Petit Etteilla, Petit and Grand Jeu Lenormand, and much more. In this video series Björn will be sharing different readings he performed for clients, to illustrate how different systems answer a variety of real-life questions. Watch the first video to see how the Tarot the Marseille answers a question about love: Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and keep an eye out for the next video! A

Box Spread - what are you missing?

The Box Spread / 9 Card Spread / Portrait Spread - Call it what you wish - is one of the most popular spreads in Lenormand, Kipper and Gypsy Cards for a quick and easy answer to most questions. We can use placements, significators, timescales and many other techniques therein to get to the bottom of most queries. It is also the spread which causes the most missed opportunities with many readers missing the most basic of information and jumping into interpretations without an analysis of what it actually means! Watch my video to find out what many readers miss! Don't fall into the trap of interpreting without due analysis! It is the key to an awesome fortune telling experience and the key to

Enhance your read with Coins & Charms

If you are feeling funky with the cards or just wanting an extra level of detail to your reads - Coins and Charms are a great addition to your Divination Toolbelt. Watch my latest video to learn 4 Methods to cast your Coins and Charms! Whatever Cartomantic system you use, you can always add another form of divination to squeeze that additional layer out! What would I recommend as an additional layer? Lenormand Charms by Andreas Nostre Dahm (click on the image for link) and the Magpie Oracle by Carrie Paris (link on image). You can also create your own Charm set or use your Bone Set on top of the reads! Try it out and tag me in on your reads in the World Divination Group on Facebook. Our Bone

Getting more out of your daily readings!

Working with a topic for your daily readings is a great way to get more detailed information about a specific event or aspect of your day. In that case the top cards are showing the topic that will be further explained by the three cards below. Here we can see that there will be information (n ° 1, the Rider) that is worrisome (n ° 23, the Mice). Two possible scenarios… (or perhaps a mix of both). 1 * – The worrisome news will be about a threat (n ° 10, the Scythe) to my reputation or status (n ° 28 + 32, the Man + the Moon). 2 * – The worrisome information might also be concerning certain risks / dangers (n ° 10, the Scythe) in my work situation (n ° 32, the Moon as a life area card for wor

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