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Beware the Diamond interest! - adventures in the Russian card meanings

“Oh, he’s got such a Diamond interest in you, don’t fall prey”! “Are you going to the State House today, take my papers with you, OK”? “I bet she’s having a date with that Noble King”! For an everyday Russian speaker all those phrases wouldn’t seem out of the ordinary, despite a certain playful overtone they may have. The Russian cartomancy, its terms and expressions, has been very successful in permeating the colloquial Russian during the last 200 years. It is, of course, a well-known fact that folk cartomancy reflects the most basic worries, bothers, and occurrences widespread in a given nation – we could almost compare it to the foundation upon which a nation’s collective unconscious is b

Spirit Keeper's Tarot Review

Is the Spirit Keeper's Tarot by Benebell Wen for you? - #review and #walkthrough of the deck today! Do you have one of the first edition or are hoping to catch the second wave? Let us know in the WDA Tarot Group on Facebook: #tarot #spiritkeeperstarot #spiritkeeperstarot #BenebellWen #deckreview #deckwalkthrough

Petit vs Grand Jeu Lenormand

Mlle. Marie-Anne Lenormand (27-05-1772 to 23-06-1843) is beyond any doubt one of the most influential cartomancers and fortune tellers of all time. Shortly after her death, several card games were named after her, even though they had never been used by her. This was of course a clever example of 19th century marketing. The two most famous “Lenormand” games are undoubtedly the 36-card “Le Petit Lenormand” and “Le Grand Jeu Lenormand” with 54 cards. The most popular one, Le Petit Lenormand, is much older than Le Grand Jeu and has its origin in Germany. It is a divination game that first existed under the name “Das Spiel der Hoffnung”, the Game of Hope, and which originally appeared on the mar


Happy First Advent - If you make it to the end you get a Christmas Treat 3 SYSTEMS - 1 SITUATION With #GypsyCards #Lenormand #KipperCards Have a wonderful first advent and if the Elf has shown up at your door today I wish you a wonderful memory to keep moving him - keeping the dream alive is hard work! #lenormand #kipper #mixedsystems #kippercards #kipperkarten #gypsycards #zigeunerkarten

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