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Mixing Lenormand. Kipper & Tarot

We are all different, yet all can work to a common goal - our systems are no different. If you want to read with multiple systems - watch now! All systems can be mixed - let's see some of your posts in the on social media with the tag: #wdamixedreads Learn your systems to the smallest nuance and rock a mixed system read. Check out our courses if you are on your road to system dominance: Check our our Memberships if you are on the road to read perfection:

Don't Miss Out!

August is in full swing and my travels are behind me for the Summer! Time to kick back and enjoy the sunshine whilst brushing up on some cards. If you have been wanting to test the waters for some time, but don't know where to start, just ASK! I am a wealth of information (most of which I only tell James The Cat, he is a good listener when he isn't plotting my demise). I digress in the sweltering Munich summer. Back to point .... Classes start next week! Did you always want to pick up the Gypsy Cards? Or perhaps dust off your Lenormand Deck? YOUR TIME TO SHINE! On top of the amazing stuff you will learn and the practice you will gain, you will also get ..... wait for it .... drumroll .... FR

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