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The Art of Asking Questions

How well do you ask questions when consulting the cards? Do you take the time to formulate the question in such a way that there will be absolutely no doubt that the cards will show you exactly the type of information you are after? From my experience too many readers fail to even think about the issue. Cards will answer the actual question, not what you meant to ask but eventually didn’t because you failed to convert your thoughts into a clear, unambiguous question. Broad questions will result in vague answers that are either tricky to interpret or that can go in so many different directions that it’s easy to simply mold the interpretation to an answer that suits you. Don’t ask “What do I n

Them Bones ... Them Bones

There is a new kid on the WDA Block and it is divination like no other! Cue bones.... a lot of bones .... If you are bones squeamish then look away now, if not, then this is the form of divination for you! The new kid on the WDA block is offering you a whole new skillset. Bone throwing, or reading the bones is an ancient form of divination practiced by many cultures all over the world in many fashions. Bones from various species (or sometimes just a single species as is common in American Hoodoo) along with shells, roots, stones, or small objects and charms are tossed onto a mat or a circle drawn on the ground and divination is then completed by examining how the pieces fell in relation to o

Petit Etteilla: Relationship Outlook

by La Diseuse A lady wants to know if she will start a new relationship in the near future. Since we read the Petit Etteilla from right to left, I can immediately tell her that the answer is yes. In the last spot, to the far left, sits the King of (reversed) , which as you can see on top of the card, represents "Un Homme" (a man). Nevertheless, the 9 of diamonds falling right in front of him points to a delay ("Retard"). The trio of club cards, 9 of clubs + 8 of clubs (reversed) + 7 of clubs (reversed) indicates that the effect of shyness will create a distance. Conclusion: Yes, there is still a relationship in store for you, but keep in mind that this might take a long time. Either you or

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