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Feedback - Be Constructive!

I know, any excuse to quote my favourite TV programs - Flight of the Conchords, had to come out for this one (and I apologise for the unabashed abundance of gifs!). How am I crowbarring them into my blog? It all started with #buddyreads and you know, I do read through them. I don't have time to comment every week or even give them a "like" but they do pass through my newsfeed on Facebook and I do have a nosy. I also check on comments and the interactions between the two buddy readers. One thing jumps out often (not just today) and that is the feedback given each week. Why do we ask for feedback? Reading cards can be a lonely affair if you are not ready to jump into the pond of readers in rea

The Game of Hope - Lenormand Basics

If you are a Lenormand reader I presume you have played the Game of Hope already!? If not, why not!? The Game of Hope is a hoot to play (especially with kids) and is a lovely "Gesellschaftsspiel" - it is a shame this doesn't translate one for one into the English language, because it is the perfect title for a game that brings people together - a community game if you like - sounds much more fun than a board game right? Watch my video now to see how to play! The Game of Hope (Original: "Das Spiel Der Hoffnung") can be seen on the British Museum website HERE. So this is all nice and dandy, but how does it help in a Lenormand read? Games are fun, but can a reading technique arise from this? Th

The Rider and the Dog

Apart from the usual person cards and the ones that depict court card inserts (King, Queen, Jack), there are some other cards that could also represent people. Especially in readings centered around “love” it is interesting to see where the Rider or the Dog are positioned. When they fall close to the Heart, they may warm your heart and whether that will be of a temporary or more serious nature, will be confirmed by the other cards. The Dog and the Rider are distinct personalities, usually with different physical characteristics and will each have their own “style” of influencing the Heart (n ° 24). N ° 1, the Rider is often the man who causes ladies look in the mirror to check if their hair

Gypsy Card Comeback!

The Gypsy Cards are making a comeback - find out more with Brant Williams - GCRM Pro Reader. (CLICK ON ANY IMAGE TO JOIN THE COURSE NOW!) In the WDA Gypsy Cards courses we use the Piatnik deck as our deck fo teaching. It is the most popular and widespread version. Also, it's a lot easier to make all the teaching materials use one deck. Toni makes all the materials, pics, and pdfs herself. As our Gypsy Card 101 course gets closer, I wanted to take some time and talk about directions with the Hungarian, and other Gypsy decks. These are the cues that I use for these decks. Sweetheart and Lover When interpreting our spreads it is important that we pay attention to the actual pictures on our card

Member Spotlight with Garth Tardy

You will, by now, have heard of our Endorsed Reader Program where WDA Members work towards endorsement in their chosen system. Today, we chat with Garth Tardy. WDA Pro Member and BKRM ™ Pro Reader (Bavarian Kipper Reading Method). I don't often meet Kipper readers where the system automatically fits their reading style, but with Garth it clicked immediately, almost like his brain had been waiting for Kipper all his life. The highest compliment I can give a reader is that they can read as well as a native Bavarian Kipper reader - and Garth can! There are very few people I would trust with my own Kipper reads on the planet, Garth is one of them. So sit back and read on .... yours sincerely The


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Readers Studio 2018 Poster by Ryan Edward Did you want to know what Readers Studio is really about? Wondering if you missed out, but unsure whether it’s worth testing the water next year? Well, this is the blog you need! Readers Studio 2018 was my first rodeo. I knew, when I wrote the book, that a trip was destined. It was on my bucket list, but I never made the effort. Every year rolled around and it had sold out. „Fate“ I thought, I can’t go anyway - it’s full! This year was different, the urge in my belly was insatiable, I had to bring Kipper to New York. I am not an outwardly spiritual person oozing spiritual loveliness, or part of the „love and light“ section of our card reading communi

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