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Tarot de Marseille reflections

When L’AMOUREUX represents a choice that we have to make, the card to the left will describe the best option while the one to the right will tell you what you shouldn’t do (the choice based on “desire”). Looking at this example, there are several possibilities. 1 – Do not choose what sounds like music to your ears or don’t listen to those who toot their own horns just because it satisfies your desires with regards to the current situation… The correct choice would be based upon the characteristics that L’HERMITE embodies. Whereas LE JUGEMENT is loud and wants to be noticed, L’HERMITE shows isolation and modesty. 2 – Don’t judge… Act like L’HERMITE, examine everything thoroughly… Björn #tarot

35. The Anchor

As with most cards in the Lenormand deck, the Anchor will take on different meanings depending on context and placement. While its essence or core meaning is “hope”, it also expresses a grounding or staying put which is often translated as stability or “being in it for the long haul” – the Anchor is heavy and is not budging. It literally keeps you where you are. This is generally regarded as a good thing because people usually strive for security and durability in their relationships, career and other areas of life. Unless you are anticipating change or a movement in a situation, the Anchor is a card that we look forward to seeing in a spread. The Anchor is a sign of successful enterprise an

The original #buddyreads

Thursday is our favourite day of the week at the World Divination Association ... yes it means we are nearing the weekend, it also means the start of our #buddyreads. Whether you are practising Lenormand, Kipper, Gypsy, Petit Etteilla, Tarot, Classic Cartomancy or a Divination System, we have a group and a #buddyread for you! What are buddy reads? You are signed up to read for a buddy - easy peasy lemon squeezy! You get to put your readings to the test with a week‘s prediction for your buddy in your chosen system. At the end of the week you both revisit the reads and give feedback on what actually happened. We have been completing buddy reads for the last three years in this format and guess

Does He (or She) Love Me? Kipper Spread

As the trees start to blossom and spring taints the air with its yellowy hues, I have had many Querents asking the age old question ..... We can easily determine the answer to this question with a mix of intention, placement and of course ... Kipper. Get ready to want to try this spread! Like - Subscribe - Comment! If you want to learn more about Kipper join our next live course! #kippercards #tcgkipper #worldkipperassociation #kipper101 #kipperdeck #kippercourse #Thecardgeek #TheCardgeek #kipperkarten #kipper #Kipper

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