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Tradition or Intuition?

The card reading community as a whole is a fun place to hang out, however, I have noticed a theme over the last year or so that lends itself to an “us” versus “them” battle. The “Intuitives” versus “The Traditionalists” some would say. Scathing commenting from both sides leads to a less than rosy view of the card reading world – but who is right ? Is there a right versus wrong battle even? There is an additional layer of battle on this questioning the basis of a "traditional" system or method - for me, tradition has the basic meaning of: Passed down from generation to generation ... There are a lot of people in the world who will misuse this term for self promotion - I am not commenting or e

Le Grand Jeu, coup de trois-love

I often consult Le Grand Jeu when I need a quick but detailed answer to a specific question. One of the last readings I did was for single lady who wanted to know if and when she could expect to find true love… The querent is represented by the female person card in the deck (Lady). The “grand sujet” on the central Ace of Diamonds card shows a meeting between Mercury and Harpocrates. It depicts an atmosphere of utter discretion and confidentiality. The flower meaning warns for indiscretion surrounding this particular situation. This is connected with the lady shown on the “sujet droite” of the 10 of Spades card to the left who is abusing someone’s trust by stealing something from a drawer. T

Lenormand Revolution Unboxing

The long awaited re-release of the Lenormand Revolution is here! Join me unboxing and enjoying a first peak at the deck, reading cloth and of course the mini deck! Want to share your Lenormand Revolution Photos - or join in with more Lenormand fun? Join our groups on Facebook: Facebook Groups: #lenormandcards #Lenormandrevolution #Lenormanddeck #carrieparis #petitilenormand #WorldLenormandAssociation #Wla #Lenormandcards #Lenormandread #worldlenormandassociation #lenormandcour

Petit Lenormand Encyclopedia - Video Review

You have probably read my blog by now and be in the know with Björn's book, however, how about having a look inside its pages with me now!!? ... Watch the videos & subscribe for more! VOLUME 1 VOLUME 2 Fans can buy them here: Volume 1 Volume 2 STALK Björn, Ruth and I in the following Facebook groups: #lenormandpetitlenormandbjörnmeurispetitleno #lenormand101 #lenormandencycopedia #lenormandbook #petitilenormand #BjörnMeuris #lenorman

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