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Astro Kipper Horoscopes - March 18

Do you like to know you zodiac sign's forecast for the upcoming month? I personally am not an astro peep, but, this is also a great way of learning placements with your Kipper Cards so, whether you wish to hear your Astro forecast, or you want to improve your Kipper knowledge - these videos are for you! Don't forget to comment on them what your sign is so I can think of you as I lay in April! READY?? LET'S GO....! VIDEOS BELOW - WATCH NOW! Aries - The spiritual zone of your chart will be highly activated this month Taurus - Career prospects will be bright, reach out and form new alliances Gemini - a dynamic month with a spectacular pa

Partner or Friend?

Most card reading systems work with specific person cards that can be used to represent the querent or another male or female person. In Petit Lenormand these cards are nº28, the Man and nº29, the Lady. A very simple concept... When you are laying a Grand Tableau for a woman, she will be represented by nº29 and when you are consulting the cards for a man, he will be nº28, the Man. I don't think anyone will ever question that. A common misconception though, is the idea that the other person card automatically represents the spouse or partner, or future partner when the querent is not in a relationship. While that is definitely a possibility, it is never a guarantee. The second person card in

The Scythe: proceed with caution!

As an advocate of traditional cartomancy and authentic methodology, I think it’s very important to respect the logic of the system you are working with. Card reading implies the understanding of a coded message that needs to be correctly converted into a comprehensible language for yourself or your querent. It is therefore logical to state that a card whose core meaning is negative, can never translate as a positive one. In this vein, the Scythe in Lenormand can’t ever be interpreted as a (positive) harvesting. The Scythe always implies a certain degree of danger or risk. In a Grand Tableau, the risk that the Scythe embodies can be mitigated depending on its distance in relation to the signi

Kipper from Scratch - Part 6

We are dissecting the placements above and below the Main Characters now in our 6th video in the "How to" series. The above and below placements are very important in a Kipper read and understanding this simple information will help you when you move onto the Stop Card analysis spreads. As always, like, comment and subscribe to my channel to spur me on to making more content! #Kipperkippercardskipperkartenthecardgeekt #mysticalkipper #tcgkipper #spellboundofnyack #worldkipperassociation #thecardgeeksguide #kipper201 #kipper101 #learnkipper #kipperdeck #kippercourse #TheCardgeek #deck #Thecardgeek #kippercards #kipper301 #Kippercards #KipperkartenReichesMädchen #astrokipper #wahrsagekarten #t

Can I use Fin de Siecle or Mystical Kipper in a BKRM read?

It is about time I answered! I am asked frequently why I don't use Fin de Siecle or the Mystical Kipper Deck .... FIND OUT HERE WHY (it may not be what you think!) Also - How to use your Fin de Siecle and Mystical Kipper Deck in a BKRM (Bavarian Kipper Reading Method TM) read. Don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel so you don't miss out on more card fun..... STALK ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA: My Website: WDA: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook Groups: www.f

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