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It's just my style!

As would come to many as no shock I am seeing a definite trend between myself and a friend of mine that seems to be the Universe teaching us lessons, the same lesson at the same time of course. Again no shock to many I am sure. Toni Puhle, my amazing friend and Co-Founder of the World Divination Association (WDA) posted a video not too long ago on how she reads and her style of being a reader – sure enough I start to get asked the same question by people as well. Okay I guess it is time for me to bite the bullet and do the same thing, you won’t be at all shocked, if you know Toni, that we read soooo very similar it is almost frighteningly similar. a perfect example of NOT me First and for

Astro Kipper Horoscope Feb 2018

Are we looking forward to February or hesitant in these winter months? Your horoscope is up and running for you to digest - comment on the videos and share your Zodiac sign so we can track as the year progresses! Don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel so you don't miss out on more card fun..... #aries #Kipperkippercardskipperkartenthecardgeekt #horocope #astro #hauptperson2 #hauptperson1 #mc2 #maincharacter #tcgkipper #Lenormandcards #fortuneteller #fortuneteller #predict #Wla #Learncards #pool #worldkipperassociation #thecardgeeksguide #worldlenormandassociation #spellboundofnyack #learnkipper #kipper201 #kipper101 #kipperdeck #kippercourse #TheCardgeek #Spellboundofnyack

Kipper Card from Scratch - Part 4 - Inauspicious placement

Part four of my Kipper from scratch series deals with inauspicious placements and what it means when cards fall behind our characters backs. Want to learn more? Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Or buy THE book on Amazon: Or download The Card Geek's Kipper App: #Kipperkippercardskipperkartenthecardgeekt #tcgkipper #worldkipperassociation #learnkipper #kipper101 #kipper201 #kippercourse #kipperdeck #TheCardgeek #kipper301 #kippercards #Thecardgeek #deck #deckreview #KipperkartenReichesMädchen #astrokipper #wahrsagekarten #kipperkarten #thecardgeek #TCGKIPPER #Kipper #worldkipperassoc #kipper #kipperkipperkartenkippercardskipperbookth #Kipperkarten #zigeunerkarten #Kippercards #thecardgeeksguid

Kipper from Scratch - Part 3

Auspicious Placement Since I started teaching Kipper globally it is amazing how the words"auspicious" and "inauspicious" have really been taken on and used as standard vocabulary in the Kipper field, the same applies to our MCs and other terms referring to our Kipper Deck techniques that hadn't been used in the English reading world before. I smile often when I see posts using these terms and know that my mission to get Kipper out into the wider English speaking world is working! Its like the spores of a dandelion spreading out and offering the chance of more yellow beauty for our bee friends to enjoy. There are now more Kipper readers enjoying the traditional techniques based here in Bavari

Kipper Forecast Jan 18

Another Happy New Year to all our Lenormand and Kipper friends! This year I will be focusing on the Kipper Deck and bringing lots of tutorials and videos showing how we can use Kipper in different situations. I am starting a series of Astro+Kipper which will track your horoscope with Kipper through the year - Jan 18 forecasts are up and ready on my channel - subscribe and comment your zodiac sign so I can apply to you too! I am also working on a "how-to" series so that everyone can pick up this amazing deck and have a go! Don't worry my Lenormand friends, you will not be left out of the fun, Hugh is focusing on Lenormand and bringing so much Lenormand fun to the WLA groups that you will be w

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