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The Card Geek's Guide to Kipper Book Trailer

The Card Geek's Guide to Kipper Book Trailer - Learn Kipper Cards from scratch! Watch the trailer - Enjoy! #kipper #kipperkarten #kippercards #kipperbook #thecardgeek #tcgkipper #thecardgeekskipper #tcgkippbook #worldkipper #lenormand #divination #cardsystem #divination #cartomancy #tonipuhle #fortuneteller #fortunetelling #psychicreader #psychicreading #readcards #laycards #cardreading #cardlaying #spread #cardspread #tellfortunes #psychic #spiritual #future #wahrsagen #wahrsagekarten #fraukipper #kipperkipperkartenkippercardskipperbookth #lenormandprimallenormand #goh #hauptperson2 #hauptperson1 #maincharacter #mc2 #tcgkipper #worldkipperassociation #Wla #kippercards #learnkipper #kipperde


The book is making its way through the skies to you amazing Kipper friends around the world. I have seen my book all over, including Nyack, Gran Canyon, Ireland and with every Christmas item possible. Every photo makes me smile, every comment makes me feel like the luckiest girl this Christmas! One photo in particular has made it to the top of my list and that is because I love my Maisie Moo! Maisie is my only Niece and to say she is a little like her Aunty Toni is an understatement, this photo with my book with the tree behind in my parents' living room holds all the magic of Christmas for me and I hope for you too! So what is my news? (apart from the plethora of book photos that I will nev

The Game of Hope

Every Lenormand reader should take time to play the Game of Hope at least once in their reading life! Not only will you gain a fresh insight into how your cards react with one another, you will also gain an appreciation for the core meanings in the deck! As we know, both auspicious and inauspicious cards fill the deck with some being "indifferent" or "any which way" - playing the Game of Hope can help you learn the difference between the auspicious and inauspicious cards in a fun and easy manner and may also highlight why some cards are labelled "indifferent" in the Game of Hope instructions! My boys love the Game of Hope and it is a staple board game on a rainy afternoon! #lenormand #gameof

The Card Geek's Guide to Kipper - 2nd Wave!

SECOND WAVE PRE ORDERS! Due to high demand, a second print run of The Card Geek's Guide to Kipper has been ordered! If you missed your chance first time around, why not treat yourself now!? Have you always wanted to learn the art of fortune telling? All you need is this book and a Kipper Deck (both conveniently available in my shop!!) -you can do it! In the original Kipper Deck dating back to the 19th Century the instructions said that ANYONE and EVERYONE can see their future with these cards - jump in now with a full manual to walk you step by step! What are Kipper Cards? The Kipper Deck dates back to 19th Century Germany, consist of 36 Cards of a situational nat

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