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Course Schedule

Summer is here in Germany (she says whilst watching the rain from the window) and it is time to release the schedule for our September - December Live Courses! Keeping this short and simple for your diaries - details below the dates: LENORMAND Lenormand 101 - September 11th to 22nd Lenormand 201 - October 16th to 27th Lenormand 301 - November 20th to 24th **NEW WORKSHOPS** Lenormand Playing Card - October 2nd to 6th Lenormand Reading Mountains - October 23rd to 27th KIPPER CARDS Kipper 101 - September 18th to 29th Kipper 201 - October 9th to 20th Kipper 301 - November 6th to 17th **NEW WORKSHOPS** Combine Kipper + Lenormand November 27th to 1st December GYPSY CARDS 2018 Gypsy Cards 101 Gypsy

The Rana George Lenormand Unboxing

"Rider" finally arrived with a wonderful "Bouquet" for yours truly ..... The Rana George Lenormand landed in my living room last week! This little beauty has been on my shelf for toooooo many days and finally today I opened it! Why could I not manage it before then? We had a combination of "Garden", "Child", "Book" and a little "Bouquet" in the mix - too much to do (in the most positive sense) and too little time as always - but its here and my reaction to the deck is for all to see. If you don't have it yet, it will be on your wish-list for sure after seeing this: How can you get your fingers on this shiny and magnificent beast of a deck? and when you get it, why not enro

Another Deck

Original Post Here - Follow Now! As most of you already know I read the cards professionally as my full time job. Tarot, Lenormand, Kipper and even Gypsy cards are available to my client’s depending on their needs and what is appropriate to their situation. But at night…………. other cards come out !! I love to work with decks and systems that are a bit more obscure during my free time. Yes I am a hooked on divination and I make no excuses for it. This being said about a year or perhaps more ago I came across this deck – Die Zauberkarten der Mademoiselle Le Normand – or – The Magickal Cards of Mlle Le Normand. These cards were r

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