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12. Rich Girl - Kipper Cards - Sneak Peak!

12. Rich Girl - Original Kipper Deck As many of you will know by now, I am working together with the unstoppable and amazingly talented Carrie Paris ( to create a one of a kind Kipper Deck that will hold true to the Original Kipper Deck directional read. We already shared our sneak peak of the 22. Officer Card (here it is if you missed it!!). The Original Kipper Deck is still my favourite Kipper deck as it is unique in its directional cues and reading style that has been passed down generations of Bavarian Kipper Readers, who can trace the deck back along the generations to late 1800s. So, what is the Kipper System? Those readers who know me from the World Kipper Associat

NYACK March 2017 Calendar of Events

** Spring is just around the corner ------------------------------------------------------------ ** 2017 is already flying by us here at Spellbound of Nyack and all while we are having a great time as well!! ------------------------------------------------------------ That old saying about doing what you love and you will never work a day is right. Now don't get me wrong, there are somedays that I do want to play hookie but - that happened once all of last year so I think its a good indicator that I love my job. That job is growing in leaps and bounds and I am thrilled with that as welll. The idea of The Fortune Tellers Society, the online portion of the business, has grown. Offer

1. Rider

All good stories have a starting point and we are visiting the starting point of the Rana George Lenormand, 1. Rider. Early instructions for the Rider cards state: The Rider (Knight or Cavalier in the early instructions) is a Good Luck bringer, when not surrounded by negative cards, particularly good news from their hometown or from afar, but it will be a little while before fulfillment. We have visited Rana's cards already and by now you will be familiar with each card having a background. The Rider Card is no exception and when the deck is released by US Games in Summer this year ( the accompanying booklet will highlight the roots of the RG Rider card as a French office

WLA Courses in March!

Spring is soon upon us, why not welcome it in with a new reading technique? or even a new system. We have 3 courses starting soon: 6th March - Kipper 201 - GT Course - read the Kipper GT like a Boss! Prerequisite 101…/kipper-201-level-2-gt-c… 20th March - Lenormand 301 - GOH GT Course…/game-of-hope-lenormand-… *For advanced Lenormand readers only* 27th March - Kipper 301 - Advanced Kipper Techniques *For advanced Kipper readers only* *** ONLY 10 PLACES PER COURSE *** ALL OTHER COURSES AVAILABLE FOR HOME STUDY OR FOR PRE-REGISTRATION FOR NEXT TERM www.worldlenorm

The Fox

This week in the Endorsed Reader Program we have been debating the Fox Card and what it means in different combinations and also when used as a description for a person. Which is naturally a great opportunity to sneak peak the Rana George Lenormand Fox Card! In our own way, we debated the Fox Essence and where certain progressive meanings have come from, the early instructions list 14. Fox as: 14. Fox, if this card is close, beware of acquaintances, someone seeks to deceive us. Far away there is no danger and the earlier Game of Hope instructions state: The sly Fox drives the Player insane who then must find refuge back in the Forest No. 5 The essence of the Fox card when taking the above in

The Rana George Lenormand - Anchor

Many of our members will be familiar with my favourite card in the Lenormand Deck, it is not because of the symbol on the card, the playing card insert or that it is my favourite artwork in a certain deck - no - so why is the Anchor Card my favourite card and what makes it so special in the Rana George Lenormand Deck? (Coming in Spring 17 - The 35. Anchor Card is my favourite card because of the techniques taken from the Game of Hope and still used today. In the Game of Hope, the Anchor Card is the aim of the game, the goal if you wish, the winning spot! When you arrive at the Anchor you have successfully navigated all the other cards in the deck and have landed first an

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