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LCRM (Lenormand) Master Teacher,

CRM (Classic Cartomancy) Master Teacher

Author: Petit Lenormand Encyclopedia Volume 1 & 2

Les Diseurs de Bonne Aventure - Blog & Cartomancy

Teacher of Lenormand, Petit Etteilla, Tarot de Marseille, Classic Cartomancy

I am born and bred and living in Belgium, where my first card game was the Petit Lenormand. These cards were my first love, with cards n ° 25, the Ring, n ° 24, the Heart and No. 35 Anchor promising my eternal fidelity to these thirty-six intriguing cards. My fascination for this game made sure I digested all written information over the years and multilingualism ensured I could examine international sources. My desire for authenticity made me look for other opportunities to gain more authentic information on all the classic cartomancy systems. With my fieldwork in interviewing older generations, I collected many tips, methods, stories and testimonies over the years. 

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