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LCRM (Lenormand) Master

Founder, Ashwood Farmhouse

WDA Lenormand Group Admin and Coordinator

This journey began a long time ago with my first spirit visitation when 5 years old. Since then it has been a whirlwind journey of clairsentient experiences, cards, and spirits with the wandering stopping in 2004 when I ended up in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia and here, found my belonging. The old magic that lives in these mountains provide a grounding I’ve not experienced elsewhere.

I then met Toni and this motley crew and knew I had come home. Toni’s traditional yet easy teaching style lead me down a rabbit hole I could not have imagined and the crew? They welcomed me with open arms.

I will warn you, we are quite the eclectic group; we follow traditional reading systems and hold tightly to those techniques. If you are agreeable, you will have no trouble finding a belonging of your own.

Be sure to check out the class schedule, and stalk us on social media.

Join Annette in the Lenormand weekly buddy reads:



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